Stopping the Lines of Supply

I have definitely found the Storm Horns to be a fun area :)!!  Erdrique (Level 23 Rogue/Primal Avatar) is currently working on his level 17 and higher quests on heroic elite, including those found in the Storm Horns.  I recently took Erdrique through the second quest in this series, Lines of Supply.  The quest giver for Lines of Supply is Rina the Keen-Blade, another one of the mysterious Harper agents.  Rina informs us the monstrous hordes in the Storm Horns are being supplied finely crafted weapons from the Netherese.  She also mentions that a Harper scout has spotted the convoys coming out through the Tumblerock Pass which goes through the Netherese border to the Storm Horns.  Rina asks for your help in breaking this supply chain and to meet up with other agents already on site to disrupt this supply.

The quest entrance to Lines of Supply is on the western side of the Storm Horns.  It isn’t too difficult to locate, which is always a good thing :)!!  Once you enter the quest, you talk to the first Harper agent named Kyra who tells you that you can get traps from another agent who is holding up further on in the pass.  Kyra also tells you that the leader of the convoy is a powerful frost giant who has threatened any monster who stops a painful and agonizing death, so don’t expect the convoy troops to stop to fight you even whey you are attacking them.  However, they will be escorted.

The quest itself is quite linear.  One of the things I found fun about this quest is that you can gather a number of snare traps from the Harper trap maker and place them on the ground before the convoy approaches you and these snares will capture the convoy troops as they move over them.  The quest mechanics require you to kill a certain number of the convoy troops before you can advance the quest to the end convoy and last fight.

Erdrique dealing with some of the troops guarding the convoys.

The monsters you encounter are primarily gnolls, orcs, and hill giants.  The gnolls are quite fast and I had a hard time keeping up with them.  I also found it interesting how the convoy troops would take a beating and not bother fighting back.  I found this a little unrealistic but I guess troops could be so scared as to behave that way, in theory anyway.  As I mentioned previously, the map is quite linear, which make sense considering that this encounter is occurring in a mountain pass.

The end fight isn’t anything spectacular.  The frost giant at the end was impressive though.  He is quite large and quite powerful.  I can see how he can inspire some fear in his troops :).   Once you get the hang of how the quest works, it is a relatively short and straight forward adventure.  Thee are a few optionals in this quest that I didn’t quite finish or locate, so I will work on that the next time I’m in there.

Erdrique battling the general at the end of Lines of Supply.

Overall, the second quest in the Storm Horns is a simple quest but still fun.  It is also much easier to find than the third quest, which I have learned the hard way :(.  The ability to use the snare traps I found amusing and extremely helpful in slowing down the convoy as they try to make their way out of the pass.  The end boss was also truly impressive.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Lines of Supply!!


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