The Wonders of the Storm Horns

I have posted a few times now about the Storm Horns and I plan on continuing that theme with this post.  In my other posts I have been talking about the quests and my thoughts on those quests that are found in the Storm Horns but this time I wanted to just talk about the wilderness zone itself.

Erd taking a look out over the Storm Horns.

I really enjoy exploring the myriad of wilderness/explorer zones that are currently in DDO and I had a number of people tell me that I will really enjoy the Storm Horns when I finally get out there.  Well, I must say they weren’t wrong :).  The artwork out in the Storm Horns is just amazing and goes that show that some great graphical work can still be created from a game engine as old as the one DDO was designed on.  The forest area itself is very detailed and quite breath taking.

What a beautiful waterfall in the Storm Horns.

I have found myself taking in the sights more often than I have in other explorer areas.  When I started to get higher into the mountain peaks, I was even reminded of how bleak and cold snow can be (I’m from Michigan and am quite frankly sick of snow.  Luckily I live in North Carolina now and it doesn’t snow all that much here…).  I have also enjoyed the encounters out in the wilds of the Storm Horns from the Netherese army, the harpies, the griffons, the owlbears, and winter wolves.  I have found the snow elementals quite fun to defeat :).

Erd traveling through the snowy peaks of the Storm Horns.

All in all, the Storm Horns are just fun and amazing.  If you haven’t explored the area yet, take some time to head out there.  You won’t be disappointed.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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