The Influential Netherese

As I continue to take Erdrique (Level 23 Rogue/Primal Avatar) through the upper level heroic content on elite, I have run across a number of quests that have involved the Netherese.  The Netherese first make their appearance for us when we encounter them in Wheloon Prison.  We then struggle with them when we enter the High Road and continue to struggle with them while we venture out into the Storm Horns.   One thing I have learned about the Netherese is that they are extremely influential.

Erdrique realizing that the Netherese are quite influential.

Looking back at these encounters I noticed that they have made allies with the prisoners of of Wheloon Prison, the natural fauna of the High Road, hired a bunch of sellswords and other mercenaries, and recruited monstrous armies into their ranks from orcs, gnolls, and giants.  I’m sure I’m missing others as well.

All of this just makes me realize how powerful the Netheril Empire actually is.  I also wonder what other problems this powerful set of enemies is going to cause for us!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting against the Netherese!


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