Taking Note of the City of Portals

Earlier in the week I took my character Rimuldar (Wizard/Draconic Incarnation) into Sschindylryn, known as the City of Portals, for the first time.  I have only ventured into this unique explorer area a couple of other times.  Those included some runs with Hamllin (Level 17 Fighter) before I put him through the heroic true reincarnation process and a run or two with Wapoyei (Level 24 Cleric/Divine Crusader).  Sschindylryn is one of the dangerous drow cities found in the Underdark.  There are three drow houses found in Sschindylryn (well there are probably more than that but in DDO we have to deal with three of them): House Dun’robar, House Avithoul, and House Szind.  All of these houses have their unique strengths which you get a preview of as you approach each individual house’s borders.

Encountering some drow in the drow city…go figure.

Sschindylryn is known as the City of Portals because it has a large number of dimensional gates that the drow use to move from one area to another in quick succession.  It is the forces from this particular city that is creating havoc for the small village of Eveningstar.

Sschindylryn is known as the City of Portals, no surprise finding one there.

Although Sschindylryn is an extremely dangerous area to take a stroll in, it is also very beautiful.  When one thinks of the “ground” or “even underground” one doesn’t really associate beauty with those terms but generally thinks more about “dirt” and “dull” more than anything else.  However, taking Rimuldar into Schindylryn I was taking note on how beautiful this area is.  The center of the city is marked by a huge ziggurat, which marks the high point of the city.  The walls that surround the city and its graphical design is also quite fun to take a look at and soak in.  The militaristic styles, with all of the sharp points and angles, is matched well with the natural landscape of the Underdark.

Rimuldar coming upon the walled city of Sschindylryn.

The individual houses for each drow family are also quite detailed.

It also should be noted that each drow house is well decorated and marked.  So far I only have taken a close look at House Dun’robar and noticed a standard that was red and orange in color that had two large spears crossing each other to form an “X” with a deep red center piece overlaid on a darker square/shield background mounted on a wall.  I’m assuming House Avithoul and House Szind have their own standards/markings to denote their houses.  In either case, the detail to this area is quite amazing and something to take in.

Taking note of the sights in Sschindylryn.

Rimuldar taking note of the “standard” outside of House Dun’robar.

The landscape area, leading up to the city itself is very similar to what you encounter in the Underdark proper.  The primary pathway has a number of cliffs and large “decorative” mushrooms.  The “roads” are also quite wide but you still feel the “weight” of the Underdark as you noticed all of the rock walls.  Nicely done indeed!!

The path leading up to Sschindylryn is very “Underdark” like.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a “stroll” in Sschindylryn and see what you think!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Sschindylryn!!



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