Random Loot, Still Random!!

Sometimes you just have to love the random loot generator.  The new pass on random loot sure has a lot of people talking about it.  However, we do still find some of these “ironic” items.

Good ol’ ooze bane on slicing weapons.

I always shake my head when I come across a slicing or piercing weapon that has ooze bane on it.  With all of the various types of possible bane properties, to see ooze bone on a slicing and piercing weapon just makes me wince.  Oh well, random is just random!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting and happy New Year!!

Stalking the Creeping Death

I already talked about one of the new quests from Update 29 so now I want to talk about the second quest, Creeping Death.  Creeping Death is the second quest that is needed to flag for the legendary Shroud and also has a heroic (Level 15 on normal) and legendary (level 31 on normal) version.  I took Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) through this quest on heroic elite to gather the favor and to get a review of the quest.

Entering the Stormreach sewers once again.

Battling the fiendish kobolds in the sewers of Stormreach.

The quest giver is named Trull Knopper and he is located in Meridia.  He happens to be a member of the Twelve and when you interact with him he tells you that Arraetrikos has sent another of his lieutenants into Stormreach, specifically back into the sewers.  Evidently the Twelve were able to detect the lieutenants arrival and have already set up a trap to eliminate him.  However, to spring the trap they need some adventures to lure him into it.  Hence, we volunteer to be this fodder (of course!!).

Trull is found in Meridia.

Leth fills you in some more on the problems in the sewer.

Trull then offers to send you to teleport you to the sewers and to meet up with another member of the Twelve who has already been setting things forward with the trap.  After he teleports you into the sewers, you then meet up with the second member of the Twelve, Leth.  Leth informs you that the lieutenant you are after is named Garko and that the codex page has imbued him with the ability to survive and control a death touch gelantious cube.  Garko is actually residing inside the cube and anything that touches the cube is automatically killed (deathblock or not…).

Now that isn’t something you see every day.

And here comes the kobolds.

As soon as you get done talking to Leth and enter further into the sewer, the first things you see is a huge reddish gelatinous cube gliding around the floor below your with a mean looking kobold smack dab in the center of it.  The goal of the quest is to eliminate the gelatinous cube by having the cube trigger three different runes or sigils.  Once the cube is destroyed then Garko can be attacked.

Slimes, anything else but slimes…

Looks like there is some trouble coming this way…

The quest overall is relatively straight forward.  You have to move through the sewer to activate the various sigils that trigger when the gelatinous cube slides over them.  You have wait at certain points for the cube to move past you so you can back track and activate the necessary switches and stuff to get the sigils activated.  The most intriguing aspect of this quest (besides the automatic death dealing gelatinous cube) is a floor puzzle that must be solved to lower a bridge to activate the last rune.

Letting Garko and his cube flow past.

Dealing with more slimes, once again.

While making your way through the quest, you have to deal with Garko’s minions, primarily fiendish kobolds and a large number of slimes.  Dealing with the slimes was extremely annoying.  There are also a number of traps in here with many of them set up in locations where enemies spawn making dealing with them a little interesting as you try to avoid the traps but fight the enemies.  The only other notable enemy inside this quest, that I found anyway, is a mandatory horned devil that needs to be killed.

Garko approaching once again.

An enemy worth fighting.

Battling the horned devil to get to Garko.

Overall, I found this quest fun but not nearly as fun as To Curse the Sky.  Having to deal with more kobolds was a little disappointing and dealing with those slimes is just annoying.  The traps and enemy placements were fun and dealing with those combinations was interesting, I just would have found the quest more interesting to complete if other monsters were used instead of kobolds and slimes.  However, with that said, the quest is still fun.

More slimes, at least they are different this time.

Fighting off more kobolds and slimes.

One of the more interesting aspects of the quest, the floor tile puzzle.

Finally fighting Garko!!

If you haven’t ventured back into the sewers lately, give this quest a try.  You have to do it to get into the legendary Shroud anyway.  Ugh, not looking forward to dealing with those slimes on legendary difficulties.  Oh well, I very about that then :P.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Creeping Death!!

Cursing at the Sky

One of the new quests just released with Update 29 is called To Curse the Sky which is one of the flagging quests you need for the new legendary Shroud.  There are two versions of the this quest, a heroic version that is level 15 on normal and a legendary version which is at level 31 on normal.  With Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) working on completing all the heroic quests on elite (excluding the raids) I decided to take a look at this new quest.

Erdrique in the jungles on the outskirts of the stronghold.

Inside the stronghold.

To Curse the Sky is bestowed by Liria D’Deneith.  Liria is found out in Meridia.  When you talk to Liria, you find out that one of the House Deneith strongholds has been over taken by one of our favorite enemies, Malicia.  Evidently Malicia is using the stronghold as a staging place for her own devil army and is using the stronghold as a dimensional gate to Shavarath.

Liria can be found in Meridia.

Erdrique making his way through the forest to the stronghold.

Liria and the rest of House Deneith have a plan to recover the stronghold.  House Deneith has enlisted the help of the archons who are currently laying their own siege against the devils.  Liria has proposed that while the large forces are fighting each other that a smaller party can enter the stronghold and defeat Malicia.  As a result, she has asked your party to be that team.  Liria then offers to transport you to the wilderness area just outside of the stronghold, which lies a little south of Stormreach.

The archon asks for help with his troops.

Coming across some abishai and hellcats in the forest along the stronghold walls.

I really enjoyed this quest.  After Liria teleports you to the wilderness area just outside of the stronghold, your first task is to navigate through the forest and find a way into the stronghold.  The artwork for the forest is nicely done and it gives you the feel of making your way through a bog or a jungle.  As you approach the stronghold, you come across an archon general who asks you to help any injured archons you come across after you enter the stronghold and make your way to Malicia.

Picking the lock to sneak into the stronghold.

In the courtyard, now to get into the stronghold proper.

Taking a note of the aerial assault.

After that, it doesn’t take long to find some injured archons are to get attacked by the devil army.  Once you get inside the stronghold, you realize just how significant this siege really is.  As you look up, you can see flying archons and abishai just battling each other in the air.  As for the stronghold itself, it was very nicely done.  It truly looks like and feels like a castle.  The courtyard is covered with devils and various stairs leading to different levels of the stronghold and into the stronghold itself.  The castle feel is similar to what I got from Rest Stop, which I felt was nicely done.

Erdrique taking note of the abishai in the sky.

Taking note of the decorations of the stronghold.

Taking care of the green abishai.

As you make your way through the stronghold, you come across a number of various devil enemies.  Primarily you will fight the various versions of abishai and bearded devils.  Another common enemy is are the various versions of slaads.  Now why these demons are working with the devils is still a little confusing to me, but I’m sure we’ll find out eventually.  And then, with Malicia being responsible for all of this, we also encounter charmed House Deneith warriors and casters as well as some charmed archons.  Then we also find out something a little intriguing about Malicia during the last fight where she reveals that her home plane isn’t Shavarath, making you wonder what plane is she from and where you will encounter her again.

Taking note of the artwork in the stronghold.

Coming across a shrine to the Sovereign Host.

Can’t forget about the bearded devils.

The layout of the stronghold isn’t very confusing, but it isn’t entirely linear either, which is nice.  When one thinks of a castle or a stronghold, you think of confusing tunnels and dungeons and this layout has the right mix of that feeling.

A glimpse at Malicia.

Fighting more slaads on the way to Malicia.

Finally reaching Malicia and her charmed minions.

Overall, I had a really good time in this quest.  I wonder how hard it will be on legendary.  I guess I’ll find out soon enough.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in To Curse the Sky!!

Even Lighter Questing Weekend, Quest Runs December 25 to December 27

I had already mentioned in my weekly summary how my questing over the holidays has been quite light and that trend continued into the Christmas weekend.  In fact, the only play time I had over the weekend was during the night of Christmas.  I logged on with Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) and I took him into Ataraxia’s Haven to continue his slayer collection in that area.  I then took Erdrique out to House Cannith and ran through two challenges, Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage and Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Picture Portals.

Erdrique continuing in the Haven.

Erdrique taking down some mephits in the Extraplanar Palace.

Coming across the sleeping mistress in Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion.

I ran through each of those challenges twice and was able to collect enough ingredients to upgrade my Spare Hand to its second tier.  I didn’t get a chance to play on Saturday, as my whole family went out Saturday night to go see Star Wars (second time for me!!) and then on Sunday I was traveling back home to NC so I didn’t get a chance to play.

This past weekend was probably one of the lightest questing weekends I have had in quite some time but it was good spending some time with my family in Florida.  I hope everybody had a great weekend and I hope everybody has a great new year!!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting in the House C challenges!!

Missing Goregra, Really?

One of the things I like to do in DDO is to max out the wilderness zones.  I generally try to maintain the same level as the zone but eventually I will out level the areas (which generally happens around the time I hit the Red Fens) but even after I out level the areas I still like to max them out, primarily for fun and for logging monsters in the monster manual.

With Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar), I am currently working through Ataraxia’s Haven.  As I was reviewing my current status with my slayers, rares, and explorers I had noted that I was missing one rare encounter.  I was curious to see which one I was missing.  When it comes to this area, I’m typically waiting on the rust monster, Bestore, or the spider, Hellgut.  However, I knew I found those two recently and was surprised to realize that the rare I was missing was Goregra, the hyena.

Erdrique notes he is missing perhaps the most common rare in Ataraxia’s Haven, Goregra.

I was quite surprised by this.  Goregra is usually one of the first rare encounters I come across in this explorer area.  In fact, there are a few rare encounters in Ataraxia’s Haven that occur in multiple locations.  Kithba, the razor cat, Schenker, the scorpion king, and Goregra all occur in multiple locations.  Kithba and Schenker can be found in two different locations while Goregra can actually be found in three different locations.

Erd finally coming across Goregra on the hill opposite the rocky beach.

The ability for Goregra to be located in three locations generally means I come across her quite early when I start this explorer zone.  Goregra can be found just outside of the wildman cave, on the hill opposite the beach line of the rocky beach, or on the island with the natural totem.  So many chances to come across her, and she happened to be the last one I needed.  Very strange indeed.  Luckily, it didn’t take much longer for me to find her.

Erdrique coming across Goregra again at the mysterious totem.

The Haven is now done so now it is time to move onto the Sands of Menechtarun, my favorite area :).  I wonder what rare encounters will elude me out there!!

This is the third location that Goregra can be found, just outside of the wildman cave and at the bottom of the hill from the gazebo.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Ataraxia’s Haven!!

The Art of the Screenshot

Taking screenshots is one of the silent little joys I have in DDO.  If you have ever read my weekly quest summaries or my weekend quest summaries you can tell that I like to take a wide variety of screenshots.  I remember when I was grade school that the only way to record a screenshot while playing Nintendo on the TV was to take an actual photograph of the TV while playing your favorite game, and I remember doing exactly that to enter some contents.

Taking screenshots is a great way to document your questing activity, like Erdrique getting ready to face off against a spectral dragon.

When I first started playing DDO, I didn’t realize that you could take screenshots so easily.  I knew that you could but I had believed that you had to use a third party software program to do that.  Similar to hitting the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard and pasting the image into another application or something.  It wasn’t until I was playing for a few months when a guildy looted the blood plate from the Church and the Cult and my other guildy mentioned taking a screenshot of that character when it was equipped.  I was surprised and asked how do you take a screenshot and then they told me CTRL+P.

DDO is full a lovely places and taking screenshots helps to capture those places.

From that point forward, I have been taking screenshots of everything, lol.  I probably have a few thousand screenshots of myself and the Crawlers chronicling our adventures through DDO and capturing our trials and tribulations through various encounters.

You can use screenshots to record your first run through a quest as well.

Taking screenshots is a fun activity added to our gameplay.  I try to take as many as I can as I like to document things, especially my progress and the guild’s runs through the wide variety of quests in DDO.  Taking screenshots is also a popular activity in the community as many players will post screenshots of their highest achievements, to document their gear, and to submit pictures into the weekly contest of the week at DDO.com.

So many different sites to see in DDO and taking a screenshot saves those memories :).

If you haven’t taking a stab at collecting some screenshots, give it a try!!  You might find that it adds flavor to your questing career!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in DDO!!

Some Light Questing over the Holiday, December 21 to December 24

Well, not only did I fall behind in my blogging schedule over this holiday season, I also fell a little behind in my questing.  Of course this was because of spending time visiting my family and sharing the holidays with them so that makes it worth it :)!!  Taking a quick look at my quest runs the Christmas week showed some slayer runs, some favor runs, and some mid-level quest runs.

I kicked things off on Monday morning by taking Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) out into Ataraxia’s Haven for some slayer runs prior to heading off to work.  I continued that theme by taking Hamllin (Level 17 Fighter) into the Sands of Menechtarun to continue his slayers.  That night, I was scheduled to play Hamllin once again and this time I decided to take him back into the Temple of Elemental Evil Part 1 on elite to gather up that favor.  The last time I was in there, I had tried to move through it faster than I should have and actually failed.  I went slower this time, I didn’t have any issues, accept for running into a spell ward that killed me.  Now, I have to prep him for the second half of the Temple.  I called it a night after that.

Erdrique taking note of the beauty of Ataraxia’s Haven.

Hamllin preparing to enter the desert.

Hamllin making his way through the Temple of Elemental Evil.

On Tuesday, I started things off by taking Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) into the King’s Forest for some drow slaying :).  In the afteroon, I logged on with Erdrique and instead of working my way through some quests, I hunted around the auction house to look for some new gear and sorted through a number of items from the new random generated loot system.  Even after spending about a half hour to 45 minutes moving things around I noticed I still need to work on updating a few more items.  We’ll see how that goes.  Later that night, I logged on with Charlock (Level 16 Fighter) and I grouped up with Sornea, Khamellock, and Blackvale (who just returned to DDO!!) and we went hunting into the Claw of Vulkoor on elite, as I still needed that one quest in the Red Fens still on elite.  We then headed off to the Church and the Cult and completed that one on elite as well.  When we completed Church and the Cult, Sornea called it a night and the rest of us went into Ataraxia’s Haven and completed Sykro’s Jewel on elite.  After that, I called a night.

Kolll hunting in the King’s Forest.

Charlock taking his party into the Claw of Vulkoor.

Taking note of a flame trap in Church and the Cult.

Enjoying the coast of Ataraxia’s Haven.

Hunting down the scrag in the mushroom forest in Sykro’s Jewel.

Wednesday, I actually had the day off, the first day off for the holiday season :).  Although I spent the better portion of the day preparing to do some traveling, I did get a chance to make my way through some quests, although the morning run was with Ragnar, my low level spirit-shaman in Neverwinter Nights II.  In the afternoon though, I logged back into DDO with Hamllin and continued his slayers through the Sands of Menechtarun.  Those were the only runs I completed for the day.

Ragnar taking Khelgar to the temple for some monastic enlightenment.

Hamllin hunting down some scorrow in the desert.

That actually closed out my week as well.  All day Thursday I prepped to travel as my wife and I headed out from North Carolina down to Florida to spend the Christmas Holiday with my parents, my sister, and her kids.  It was a great trip!!  The Holiday was great and I hope everybody else had a great holiday as well!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in DDO!!

Hitting the Pawnbrokers

When DDO first started there wasn’t an auction house, trade channels did not exist, the astral shard exchange wasn’t thought about, finding gear and weapons was much more difficult that it is today.  One of the major sources of upgrading your gear was to visit the various pawnbrokers scattered throughout Stormreach.  However, with the advent of the auction house and with Cannith Crafting, I have pretty much neglected the pawnbrokers until the most recent random loot pass.

I found it interesting to visit these brokers once again.  The primary reason I have started to use the brokers again isn’t for looking for new gear, but to unload it.  Currently, the Cannith Crafting system hasn’t been updated and as a result the majority of new effects aren’t recognized not allowing these items to be broken down into the appropriate essences.  So, if these items don’t sell in the auction house I decided to sell them to brokers.  I could sell them to the barkeep, but if I sell them to the brokers it could be possible that another adventurer might find them useful.

Erdrique taking some time to sell some weapons to the House Deneith pawnbrokers, at least until Cannith Crafting gets updated.

As I went from broker to broker, I realized that I wasn’t the only one taking some time to do this.  Almost all of the brokers I went to had some items available for sale.  Of course once the Cannith Crafting system gets updated and these items can be broken down, I’ll probably neglect the pawn brokers once again but for now, I’ll at least continue to sell things back to them.  And who knows, maybe I’ll find that rare gem as well :)!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Wait a Minute…

It has been a few days now since Update 29: The Codex War was released.  One of the things that came out with Update 29 was a raise to the level cap from level 28 to level 30.  Along with that, came a change to the experience point curve.  The developers had made it known that if you were banking epic levels that you might want to go ahead and level up because it was unclear on holding a level prior to the update would be affected by the new experience point curve.

Taking that advice, I had leveled up Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) from 24 up to 25.  However, I logged on with Erdrique yesterday to do my daily dice roll (I actually think it was my weekly gold roll) and noticed the message you receive when using the experience award token.  This is the first time I paid any attention to it since the update.  But check out what it says.

Talk about a little bewildering!!

It specifically states that I need another 298,826 experience to hit level 25 and that I currently have enough experience for level 24.  Now talk about being confused.  Its basically thinking I’m level 23 at the moment and you can see my level in my small icon of my character in the upper left corner as being 25 as well as on the experience bar the bottom of the page.

I’m going to have to see how this handled with my other characters.  Talk about a strange bug.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!