How Frustrating!!

I currently have two characters, Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Draconic Incarnation) and Wapoyei (Level 24 Cleric/Divine Crusader) that are making their way through the quests in Sschindylryn.  I recently took them both through The House of Rusted Blades, the first quest in this little chain.  Rimuldar completed the quest on epic normal and had little difficulty.  However, I had some interesting experiences with Wapoyei.   And needless to say their were quite interesting.

I had decided to try The House of Rusted Blades on epic hard with Wapoyei.  I did this because I am more comfortable playing this character than I am with Rimuldar and because Wapoyei, being a cleric, has absolutely no issues with healing himself.  Now, the first thing that happened to me was entirely a miscue on my own behalf.  I’m not sure about other players, but for me, there are always those essential buffs, potions, abilities, spells, or whatever that I tend to forget to use on certain characters, primarily because I forget they have them.  In the case of my cleric Wapoyei, this tends to be the spell Death Pact.  Death Pact, in case you didn’t know, is a cleric spell that can be used once per rest period and it allows you to be automatically raised if you are killed.  It is a very useful spell, but it does have the minor drawback of taking two points away from Constitution after it is cast.  Now, for quests that I’m particularly familiar with I don’t tend to cast it, which has now led me to completely forget about it (that and the fact that I don’t play Wapoyei extremely often).

Wapoyei wondering why he should ring this bell.

Well, as you can figure out, during this particular run I didn’t cast Death Pact, even though I have the spell loaded and ready to go.  Of course I didn’t really notice this situation until I was already in trouble and I didn’t get into trouble until after I had sabotaged the blademaster’s swords.  At this point I had run back into the main hall, or I was making my way over there, when I was encountered by a large number of angry House Dun’Robar blademasters.  There was too many for me and my hirelings to handle and it quickly became apparent that my Radiant Servant aura wasn’t enough to overcome the incoming damage.  Well, as you can imagine, I ended up as a soul stone :(.

Ok, so I went ahead and released and reentered the quest on epic hard for a second time.  This time, I made sure Death Pact was cast during my buffs and made it past the area where I died during my first attempt.  However, as I was making progress to where I last made it, I realized there was a room I didn’t open in the cafeteria area, to discover that the shrine was sitting there.  Now talk about frustrating because I believe that when I was killed during my first run that I had retreated far enough to be able to reach this point.  Only problem was, I didn’t know the shrine was there…ugh.  Talk about frustration.  Not only did I have the miscue with the Death Pact spell I also was relatively close to a shrine that I didn’t know was there.  And even if I wasn’t able to reach the shrine where I had originally died I know I could have had one of my hirelings drag my soul stone to the point where it was close enough.  Oh well, I should have looked at the map on the DDOWiki but I didn’t.

Well, this time the knowledge of the shrine’s location and the fact that I had Death Pact casted on me this time was my salvation.  After I discovered the shrine and made it past the point where I was killed during my first attempt, I then made into the main hall to ring the bell.  Well, the swarm that circled me quickly got me up to a yellow dungeon alert.  This didn’t occur when I ran it on epic normal with Rimuldar.  I was killed once again, but this time I was able to raise back up from the effects of the Death Pact spell.  I recognized that I needed to retreat some but I failed to realize that the hallways I was retreating into werecausing me to pull more angry mobs.  I then realized that I had a red dungeon alert as I was carting around the soul stones of my hirelings and making my way back to the shrine.  Eventually, I was killed, once again, but this time I was able to get back to the shrine.

I raised back up and was immediately attacked by the Teblyn Dun’Robar, the high battlemaster.  In fact, he was upon me faster that I could rest.  I started healing myself with my aura and with some spells to realize that somehow I was wedged in a spot where he couldn’t damage me behind the shrine.  I’m not sure what happened there because he was hitting me, but I wasn’t taking any damage (the damage values where 0, like the damage was being absorbed by some type of resistance).  In any case, I was eventually able to knock him down with a combination of spells, getting my hirelings back up, and attacking him.  But man, what an experience :).

We’ll see how the other two quests go, The House of Death Undone and the The House of Broken Chains.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Sschindylryn!!


4 thoughts on “How Frustrating!!

  1. The battlemaster does a pitiful damage, on EH, at least, in that quest, as his blades are gone, so he’s basically attacking you with his bare hands. If you had any DR item or feat, (hammerblock or whatever) that was probably it.

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