Making My Way Through The Eye of a Titan

It has been quite some time since I have taken any of my characters through the Inspired Quarter.  However, as I continue to progress with Erdrique (Level 23 Rogue/Primal Avatar) by completing all of the heroic level quests on elite, I came up on the quests out in the Inspired Quarter.  So, I recently took Erdrique through the original quests out there: The Shipwrecked Spy, Dream Conspiracy, Finding the Path, I Dream of Jeets, and The Mindsunder.  The next series of quests that continue this storyline are those from The Dreaming Dark pack and start with the quest Eye of the Titan.
Eye of the Titan is a unique quest because you travel through the memory of a warforged titan.  The quest is located in the Inpsired Quarter and the quest give is Lord Gerald Goodblade.  You encounter the good lord while is beckoning for people to come over and inspect his latest find, a deactivated warforged titan that is just sitting down slumped against a wall.  Goodblade mentions that when you look into the eyes of the warforged titan you can experience its memories.

The quest starts as entering the memory of the warforged titan.  As you enter the memory, you are attacked by the quori and you quickly realize that you aren’t the only one exploring the memories of this warforged titan.  After the initial battle, you follow the warforged titan as it battles the forces of the ancient giant civilization and you get a glimpse of the ancient quori war and invasion and you see the Stormreaver come out and defeat the warforged titan.  You also learn about an artifact called the interdiction lens that was evidently used by the Stormreaver and the Truthful One to dive back the quori.  As you learn about this development, you also realize that the quori are looking for this artifact and they want to destroy it.

Erdrique exploring the memory of an ancient warforged titan.

As you progress through the warforged titan’s memory, you are attacked by the forces of the quori which include dream reavers, dream scourges, and dream crawlers.  Once you memory is finished and you watch the Stormreaver defeat the warforged titan you are assaulted by waves of the quori, who appear to be holding you in this memory because they don’t want anyone to know what they are up to and want to eliminate you.  After you defeat the waves of the quori, you continue on and have a final encounter with the Watcher of Dreams (a wraith like creature) and they you can enter the edge of the memory and come back to the real plane.

The entire time you are in the quest, the edges are surrounded by a haze, making it feel like you are indeed in someone’s memory.  The quest is linear but can get buggy if the warforged titan has trouble with its pathing.  The quest is level 19 on normal, making it a level 21 quest on elite.  I have always found this quest fun and interesting, although not very complicated at all.

After you complete this quest, you can then book passage to the Isle of Forgotten Dreams where Goodblade found the warforged titan.  This also allows you to complete the rest of the series, which isn’t ran all that much anymore.  The other quests include Reclaiming Memories, Mining for Ancient Secrets, The Dreaming Dark, and Raiding the Giant’s Vault.

If you want to do a quest chain that is off the beaten path, I would recommend the Inspired Quarter and the Dreaming Dark.  In particular, take a walk through Eye of the Titan.  Not too often you get the chance to enter the memory of a ferocious warrior!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in the Isle of Forgotten Dreams!!



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