Going Down in What Goes Up

It has been a little while since I have really struggled in any particular quest, minus the raids of course :).  This weekend, I continued moving Erdrique (Level 23 Rogue/Primal Avatar) through the quests in the Storm Horns on heroic elite.  The last two quests I needed to do were A Break in the Ice and What Goes Up.  I didn’t have any huge issues in A Break in the Ice but that wasn’t quite the same story with What Goes Up.

What Goes Up is located in the same ice mountain peaks that A Break in the Ice is, although the quest entrance is in a slightly different location.  This particular quest is relatively long and is broken up into three segments.  The first segment you travel through the grounds of the glacier as you try to make your way to the inner glacier.  The inner glacier is where Oriphaun Huntsilver has been taken too along with a bunch of Netherese who are conducting some type of arcane ritual.  And the third segment occurs on the floating glacier, which the arcane ritual successfully completed.

The primary issue I had was on the third segment.  The floating glacier is quite challenging.  In particular, I have been having major issues at the end fight.  There appears, from what I can tell from reviewing the DDOwiki, my own experience, and my guildies comments, that there are three different parts to this end fight.  First off you need to destroy the levitation pillars.  Second you need to defeat the Shadovars and lastly you need to kill the primary boss, Amskar.

During these three different portions, you also have to deal with respawning Shadar-ki and ice elementals.  Now the Shadar-ki assassins are where I was struggling with the most.  I was hoping there wouldn’t be this many respawns.  However, as soon as you reach the top of the glacier and start the end fight, Amskar says he essentially has access to an army and how do we think we can stop him.  This just suggests he can summon more and more shadar-ki.

I tried to complete the quest on Friday and Saturday night with my Brec (Favored Soul/Exalted Angel hireling), onyx panther, level 17 owlbear, and Luna (another Favored Soul/Exalted Angel hireling but I did this during my second attempt).  During my first excursion, I died once before I even made it to the last fight and was even more overwhelmed when I got to the top of the glacier.  I had spent all of my time trying to defeat the Netherese and Shadar-ki before I realized they just respawned.  I then focused on Amskar but eventually got overrun.

Not quite the result I was looking for.

During my second excursion, I did much better and I destroyed the pillars with a few minor issues.  But then the Shadovar spawned and I quickly got killed.  I was able to too take out two of the four.  I had re-entered the quest a number of times and was slaughtered each time.  Each time I was killed I was able to feather fall down to the resurrection shrine, get back up, sneak back up top, gather my hireling’s stones, go back to the shrine and get them back up, recall, shrine in the Storm Horns and come back in.   However, I was killed so many times that by the time I got close to killing the third Shadovar, that all of my gear was broken, including my main quarterstaff.  In the end, I had to give up :(.

I’m hoping to tackle this back next weekend, hopefully I will have more help with me, but I owe the Netherese, especially Amskar, some payback!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Storm Horns!!


6 thoughts on “Going Down in What Goes Up

  1. WGU is, to me, the most epic (in theme) and most dangerous chain-ending quest. I bulk up before going in, especially on Elite at any difficulty. The last fight throws everything at you, so you need to spread out your hirelings or party. But bring too many member inside and this fight can scale. I don’t think I’ve recorded this chain in full but I think it’s due to show how I learned it–after dying spectacularly several times before. 🙂

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  2. I had a pretty descent thing going where I would engage the Shadovar by sneaking up to them and then calling my hirelings to me and taking them out. The only problem, I had already died so much by that point I couldn’t sneak past the Shadar-ki anymore. I’m hoping for a better result next time.


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