Gathering Up Those Monster Manual Deeds

This past weekend I took Erdrique (Level 24 Rogue/Primal Avatar) back out to Amrath to take on some of the quests in the Devil’s Battlefield.  It didn’t take long to realize the impact that this area has on the monster manual, or at least my monster manual.  Shortly after we started to make our through the Devil’s Battlefield and into some of the quests, I started to wrack up monster manual deed after monster manual deed.

It was quite an interesting array to witness.  I wound up getting deeds with troglodytes, tieflings, succubus, hellcats, orthons, horned devils, bearded devils, and hell hounds.  I learned quickly that if there is a place you want to increase your monster manual deeds, then exploring Devil’s Battlefield would be an excellent starting point.

Taking on a horned devil in the Weapons Shipment.

I still need to complete three of the quests out there.  We completed Wrath of Flame, Weapons Shipment, and Sins of Attrition.  I still have to make my way through Genosis Point, A New Invasion, and Bastion of Power.  I’m sure these quests will just continue to add to my monster manual deeds.  I just wonder how much more experience I’ll get from it :).

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Devil’s Battlefield and in filling out those monster manuals!!


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