Having Some Fun With Stormrage

Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) is currently working his way through the Primal Avatar epic destiny on his way to level 30.  One of the abilities in the Primal Avatar epic destiny tree is called Stormrage.  This ability is actually really fun.  Stormrage is a spell like ability that costs 50 spell points to activate.  Once it is activated, when y0u damage an enemy you will also bring forth a lightning bolt onto them.  The lightning bolt does 10d20 electrical damage.  It has a DC 50 relfex save for half damage.  For Erdrique, it is essentially just another tier of damage for him while he is engaged in combat.  It’s also quite fun to see a lightning bolt come streaking down on top of the enemies you are fighting.

Erdrique bringing down some lightning to finish off a werewolf.

I’m looking forward to those rare moments when I have this ability activated and my metoeric star ruby also activates.  That would be fun to see.  A tremendous comet coming on down and then a powerful lightning bolt streaking down to finish the job :).  Now that would be cool!!

Sending down a lightning bolt on the earth elemental.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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