Now That is An Interesting Hospital

As I continue to take Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) through the rest of his heroic quests on elite, I also continue to move through some of the quests I haven’t had a chance or the opportunity to play yet.  The next quest in this sequence was the quest Murder by Night.  Murder by Night is a level 19 quest in the heroic setting, making it a level 21 quest on elite.  It is one of the quests that was released with the Menace of the Underdark expansion pack.  The quest takes place in the Eveningstar War Hospital and the quest giver is Delethir Mistveil.

When you encounter Delethir, you are told about the murder of the high priest at the war hospital in Eveningstar and are asked to explore and to investigate what happened.  Especially since the wounded and the sick in Eveningstar is increasing due to the drow attacks.  This particular quest also holds the distinction in that it is the first quest for werewolves to occur.  In fact, this whole quest is based on a werewolf epidemic.

Erdrique summoning some lightning to take down a werewolf. 

As you explore the hospital, you come across a number of villagers who have become infected with lycanthropy.  However, many of the villagers do not realize this until you finally approach them and those all control and transform into vicious werewolves.  You also come across a few instances where you have the opportunity to save some of the purple dragon knights from a painful and terrible death from other werewolves.

The entire quest takes place in the war hospital and its courtyard.  So it doesn’t extend into any underground tunnels or other remote buildings.  The quest is relatively short in this regard.  There are a large number of fights that occur throughout the hospital and you also have the opportunity to rescue a few villagers who haven’t been infected by the werewolves.

Erdrique battling the alpha werewolf in Murder by Night.

The end fight with the alpha werewolf is also fun.  The alpha werewolf, Ogiyon Tomain, I thought was pretty neat looking, being snow white and quite vicious and wild looking.

Overall, I enjoyed this quest.  It was an excellent midday run.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the war hospital!!


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