Who Likes a Riddle?

Erdrique (Rogue/Primal Avatar) is currently level 25 and is nearly done with his heroic quests on elite.  He currently has to complete Devil’s Assault, A New Invasion, Blown to Bits, Power Play, Schemes of the Enemy, and the two new quest from Update 29: The Codex War.  Of course this excludes the various raids.  Over the weekend one of the quests I completed was The Riddle.

Erdrique preparing to enter the Dank Cave.

The Riddle is a level 19 quest on normal making it level 21 on elite.  It is another quest found in Eveningstar.  The quest giver is Ingval Muth who is looking for help to locate one of the Eveningstar War Wizards that have disappeared (War Wizard Barthand).  Barthand went on a mission to explore some strange source of evil that might be the source of some evil dreams that the villagers have been experiencing.  The area that Barthand went to explore was a large hole that once was part of the foundation of a destroyed farmhouse.

Erdrique encountering mudmen in the Dank Cave.

The dank cave is quite beautiful.

The cave that the quest takes place in is quite intriguing.  It is very easy to get turned around in as it contains multiple levels.  Although it can be confusing, I really liked the artistic and graphics in the cave.  It was the first time I did this quest and it reminded me of what I would think would be in a cave that was generated from a hole in the ground.  It gave me a sense that the cave was filled with a musty, humid smell with various types of growth sprouting from the walls.  It was very cool indeed.

Erdrique noticing the light streaming through the ceiling of the Dank Cave.

Erdrique discovering how annoying vine horrors and will o-wisps are.

The monsters you encounter in here include hags, vine horrors, will-o’wisps, mudmen, animated armors, and mimics.  I was kind of surprised not to find any spiders or yuan-ti in here.  One of the things I found pretty funny was that after defeating a small group of hags, who were casting a spell in the form of a chant, that a mushroom transformed into Barthand.  Evidently he had been turned into mushroom by the hags.  I guess they got bored with turning people into frogs and toads and turned him into a mushroom instead, lol.  After rescuing Barthand, you are then tasked to take out Frelga, a powerful night hag.  As you take the fight to her she keeps talking about the Weave, giving you some foreshadow of what the drow are planning.

Fighting the vine horrors in the Dank Cave.

Yeah, like that ain’t a mimic.

Overall, I enjoyed this quest.  It come get quite challenging at times, especially if you try to zerge through certain choke points and gather too many enemies.  Will o-wisps are just a pain in that type of situation.  If you haven’t seen this quest, I would recommend taking a stroll through the Dank Cave.

Erdrique taking on Frelga, the night hag in The Riddle.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Eveningstar!!


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