Questing Before the Holiday, Quest Runs December 18th to December 20th

This past weekend was a relatively busy weekend for Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) in DDO :).  I didn’t get a chance to conduct a wilderness slayer run on Friday morning as I spent most of the morning downloading and updating the game with Update 29 and its initial patch.  However, once I got back home from work on Friday afternoon, I took Erdrique out into Eveningstar to play through another quest I hadn’t seen before, The Riddle.  As usual, I don’t have a large amount of time to play through a quest during the afternoon, so I tried to push through this quest without really knowing what to expect.  Well, as usual, when I try this it usually ends  badly.  I had entered The Riddle on elite, making it a level 21 quest, and made it about halfway through the area when I just gathered way too many will o-wisps, and a couple of hags, and vine horrors.  I quickly become overwhelmed and was killed.  I called it for the afternoon but logged back in later Friday night when I reentered The Riddle once again.  This time I was much more prepared and more familiar with the layout of the quest.  My second go-round resulted in no deaths and a completion of another quest that I hadn’t completed before.  I wrote about my thoughts on the The Riddle here.

Time to explore the dank cave on the edge of Eveningstar.

While I was plowing through the Riddle, Hellbanisher was making his way through the new legendary Shroud.  After I completed the Riddle his party was also done with its run through legendary Shroud and he switched characters to Hellsbain and joined up with me as we headed out into the Devil’s Battlefield.  While out there we located and ran through the quest Genesis Point.  We took on the various devil forces and had no major issues making our way through Genesis Point.  It was fun remembering how to make it through this older quest.  After that run, Hellsbain had to call it a night but I continued and ventured back into the Devil’s Battlefield and ran to the quest Bastion of Power.  I have also found this quest run, allowing a band of demons, led by a marilith of course, to infiltrate a devil base and do a mass load of carnage :).  After I completed Bastion of Power, I called it a night myself.

Recognizing the streaming light into the dank cave.

Hellsbain and Erdrique making their way through the Battlefield.

Making our way through Genesis Point.

Erdrique back in the Battlefield and making his way to Bastion of Power.

Fighting a bunch of orthons in Bation of Power.

This particular Saturday was the third of the month, which I have decided to use as a weekend date night with my wife.  So I typically don’t log on during the night of the third Saturday every month but that doesn’t stop me from logging in during the day :).  I logged on with Erdrique while working on Christmas chores (putting out decorations, wrapping presents, shopping, etc..) and I took him into Ataraxia’s Haven to work on his slayer zones (I am so far behind in these…).  I then took Erdrique into House Cannith and ran the challenge Extraplanar Palace: Buying Time three times to gather epic mephit wings to purchase epic tokens to use those to upgrade my Ring of the Stalker.  By the time I was done, I only needed a few more runs to finish the Ring of the Stalker but I didn’t get a chance to put in any more runs.

Erdrique taking in the beauty of Ataraxia’s Haven.

Erdrique taking on the marilith in the Extraplanar Palace.

Time to face off against a spectral dragon and his minions.

Putting the smack down on some yugiloth in the Extraplanar Palace.

On Sunday, I logged on with Erdrique (again between Christmas chores) and ran another circuit of the Extraplanar Palace: Buying Time.  I was able to gather enough epic mephit wings during that run to upgrade the Ring of the Stalker.  Now I just need to figure out what I want to slot into it.  I didn’t log back in until later that night with Kanndar (Level 13 Paladin).  I also decided to log in with Stoorage (Level 13 Fighter) and do some more dual boxing.  I then took them both out into Gwylan’s Stand and ran it on elite.  I actually ran into a death with Kanndar when I realized I had set my hireling to passive mode and I wasn’t paying attention to my health bar.  One thing for sure, using hirelings has made me lazy in that respect :P.

Erdrique taking down Salteshka once again.

Kanndar in the midst of battle in Gwylan’s Stand.

So, looking back at the weekend, even with missing my slayer run Friday morning and having a date night on Saturday, I still got quite a bit done.  I’m hoping to continue the momentum this week through the Christmas weekend, although I will be traveling.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Devil’s Battlefield!!


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