The Art of the Screenshot

Taking screenshots is one of the silent little joys I have in DDO.  If you have ever read my weekly quest summaries or my weekend quest summaries you can tell that I like to take a wide variety of screenshots.  I remember when I was grade school that the only way to record a screenshot while playing Nintendo on the TV was to take an actual photograph of the TV while playing your favorite game, and I remember doing exactly that to enter some contents.

Taking screenshots is a great way to document your questing activity, like Erdrique getting ready to face off against a spectral dragon.

When I first started playing DDO, I didn’t realize that you could take screenshots so easily.  I knew that you could but I had believed that you had to use a third party software program to do that.  Similar to hitting the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard and pasting the image into another application or something.  It wasn’t until I was playing for a few months when a guildy looted the blood plate from the Church and the Cult and my other guildy mentioned taking a screenshot of that character when it was equipped.  I was surprised and asked how do you take a screenshot and then they told me CTRL+P.

DDO is full a lovely places and taking screenshots helps to capture those places.

From that point forward, I have been taking screenshots of everything, lol.  I probably have a few thousand screenshots of myself and the Crawlers chronicling our adventures through DDO and capturing our trials and tribulations through various encounters.

You can use screenshots to record your first run through a quest as well.

Taking screenshots is a fun activity added to our gameplay.  I try to take as many as I can as I like to document things, especially my progress and the guild’s runs through the wide variety of quests in DDO.  Taking screenshots is also a popular activity in the community as many players will post screenshots of their highest achievements, to document their gear, and to submit pictures into the weekly contest of the week at

So many different sites to see in DDO and taking a screenshot saves those memories :).

If you haven’t taking a stab at collecting some screenshots, give it a try!!  You might find that it adds flavor to your questing career!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in DDO!!


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