Cursing at the Sky

One of the new quests just released with Update 29 is called To Curse the Sky which is one of the flagging quests you need for the new legendary Shroud.  There are two versions of the this quest, a heroic version that is level 15 on normal and a legendary version which is at level 31 on normal.  With Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) working on completing all the heroic quests on elite (excluding the raids) I decided to take a look at this new quest.

Erdrique in the jungles on the outskirts of the stronghold.

Inside the stronghold.

To Curse the Sky is bestowed by Liria D’Deneith.  Liria is found out in Meridia.  When you talk to Liria, you find out that one of the House Deneith strongholds has been over taken by one of our favorite enemies, Malicia.  Evidently Malicia is using the stronghold as a staging place for her own devil army and is using the stronghold as a dimensional gate to Shavarath.

Liria can be found in Meridia.

Erdrique making his way through the forest to the stronghold.

Liria and the rest of House Deneith have a plan to recover the stronghold.  House Deneith has enlisted the help of the archons who are currently laying their own siege against the devils.  Liria has proposed that while the large forces are fighting each other that a smaller party can enter the stronghold and defeat Malicia.  As a result, she has asked your party to be that team.  Liria then offers to transport you to the wilderness area just outside of the stronghold, which lies a little south of Stormreach.

The archon asks for help with his troops.

Coming across some abishai and hellcats in the forest along the stronghold walls.

I really enjoyed this quest.  After Liria teleports you to the wilderness area just outside of the stronghold, your first task is to navigate through the forest and find a way into the stronghold.  The artwork for the forest is nicely done and it gives you the feel of making your way through a bog or a jungle.  As you approach the stronghold, you come across an archon general who asks you to help any injured archons you come across after you enter the stronghold and make your way to Malicia.

Picking the lock to sneak into the stronghold.

In the courtyard, now to get into the stronghold proper.

Taking a note of the aerial assault.

After that, it doesn’t take long to find some injured archons are to get attacked by the devil army.  Once you get inside the stronghold, you realize just how significant this siege really is.  As you look up, you can see flying archons and abishai just battling each other in the air.  As for the stronghold itself, it was very nicely done.  It truly looks like and feels like a castle.  The courtyard is covered with devils and various stairs leading to different levels of the stronghold and into the stronghold itself.  The castle feel is similar to what I got from Rest Stop, which I felt was nicely done.

Erdrique taking note of the abishai in the sky.

Taking note of the decorations of the stronghold.

Taking care of the green abishai.

As you make your way through the stronghold, you come across a number of various devil enemies.  Primarily you will fight the various versions of abishai and bearded devils.  Another common enemy is are the various versions of slaads.  Now why these demons are working with the devils is still a little confusing to me, but I’m sure we’ll find out eventually.  And then, with Malicia being responsible for all of this, we also encounter charmed House Deneith warriors and casters as well as some charmed archons.  Then we also find out something a little intriguing about Malicia during the last fight where she reveals that her home plane isn’t Shavarath, making you wonder what plane is she from and where you will encounter her again.

Taking note of the artwork in the stronghold.

Coming across a shrine to the Sovereign Host.

Can’t forget about the bearded devils.

The layout of the stronghold isn’t very confusing, but it isn’t entirely linear either, which is nice.  When one thinks of a castle or a stronghold, you think of confusing tunnels and dungeons and this layout has the right mix of that feeling.

A glimpse at Malicia.

Fighting more slaads on the way to Malicia.

Finally reaching Malicia and her charmed minions.

Overall, I had a really good time in this quest.  I wonder how hard it will be on legendary.  I guess I’ll find out soon enough.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in To Curse the Sky!!


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