Stalking the Creeping Death

I already talked about one of the new quests from Update 29 so now I want to talk about the second quest, Creeping Death.  Creeping Death is the second quest that is needed to flag for the legendary Shroud and also has a heroic (Level 15 on normal) and legendary (level 31 on normal) version.  I took Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) through this quest on heroic elite to gather the favor and to get a review of the quest.

Entering the Stormreach sewers once again.

Battling the fiendish kobolds in the sewers of Stormreach.

The quest giver is named Trull Knopper and he is located in Meridia.  He happens to be a member of the Twelve and when you interact with him he tells you that Arraetrikos has sent another of his lieutenants into Stormreach, specifically back into the sewers.  Evidently the Twelve were able to detect the lieutenants arrival and have already set up a trap to eliminate him.  However, to spring the trap they need some adventures to lure him into it.  Hence, we volunteer to be this fodder (of course!!).

Trull is found in Meridia.

Leth fills you in some more on the problems in the sewer.

Trull then offers to send you to teleport you to the sewers and to meet up with another member of the Twelve who has already been setting things forward with the trap.  After he teleports you into the sewers, you then meet up with the second member of the Twelve, Leth.  Leth informs you that the lieutenant you are after is named Garko and that the codex page has imbued him with the ability to survive and control a death touch gelantious cube.  Garko is actually residing inside the cube and anything that touches the cube is automatically killed (deathblock or not…).

Now that isn’t something you see every day.

And here comes the kobolds.

As soon as you get done talking to Leth and enter further into the sewer, the first things you see is a huge reddish gelatinous cube gliding around the floor below your with a mean looking kobold smack dab in the center of it.  The goal of the quest is to eliminate the gelatinous cube by having the cube trigger three different runes or sigils.  Once the cube is destroyed then Garko can be attacked.

Slimes, anything else but slimes…

Looks like there is some trouble coming this way…

The quest overall is relatively straight forward.  You have to move through the sewer to activate the various sigils that trigger when the gelatinous cube slides over them.  You have wait at certain points for the cube to move past you so you can back track and activate the necessary switches and stuff to get the sigils activated.  The most intriguing aspect of this quest (besides the automatic death dealing gelatinous cube) is a floor puzzle that must be solved to lower a bridge to activate the last rune.

Letting Garko and his cube flow past.

Dealing with more slimes, once again.

While making your way through the quest, you have to deal with Garko’s minions, primarily fiendish kobolds and a large number of slimes.  Dealing with the slimes was extremely annoying.  There are also a number of traps in here with many of them set up in locations where enemies spawn making dealing with them a little interesting as you try to avoid the traps but fight the enemies.  The only other notable enemy inside this quest, that I found anyway, is a mandatory horned devil that needs to be killed.

Garko approaching once again.

An enemy worth fighting.

Battling the horned devil to get to Garko.

Overall, I found this quest fun but not nearly as fun as To Curse the Sky.  Having to deal with more kobolds was a little disappointing and dealing with those slimes is just annoying.  The traps and enemy placements were fun and dealing with those combinations was interesting, I just would have found the quest more interesting to complete if other monsters were used instead of kobolds and slimes.  However, with that said, the quest is still fun.

More slimes, at least they are different this time.

Fighting off more kobolds and slimes.

One of the more interesting aspects of the quest, the floor tile puzzle.

Finally fighting Garko!!

If you haven’t ventured back into the sewers lately, give this quest a try.  You have to do it to get into the legendary Shroud anyway.  Ugh, not looking forward to dealing with those slimes on legendary difficulties.  Oh well, I very about that then :P.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Creeping Death!!


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