End of the Year Questing, Quest Runs December 28 to December 31

Well, naturally I close out the end of the year with some questing in the best game, Dungeons and Dragons Online :)!!  Although I did get some questing in, it wasn’t my usual questing activity primarily because I had the week off and because of week being another holiday week.

I kicked things off on Monday by taking Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) through some more heroic quests.  Erdrique still needed to complete Devil’s Assault on heroic elite as well as the two new quests, To Curse the Sky and Creeping Death.  So, Monday night I took Erdrique into the Marketplace and completed Devil’s Assault on heroic elite and then I took a look at To Curse the Sky and Creeping Death.  Erdrique now needs to complete A New Invasion, Schemes of the Enemy, Power PlayPower Play, and Blown to Bits to complete all of his heroic quests on elite (this is minus the raids).  If I’m lucky, perhaps I can get them knocked out this weekend.

Erdrique turning back the devils’ invasion in the barracks.

Erdrique trying to help recover the House Deneith Fortress.

Now that isn’t something you see everyday.

On Tuesday, I took the opportunity to log back on with Erdrique during the day and I took him into Ataraxia’s Haven to continue to work on those slayers.  Later that night, I logged on with Lorrikk (Level 13 Monk) and Stoorage (Level 14 Fighter) and I dual boxed with them through Sorrowdusk Isle and into the Cult of the Six story arc.  Although Stoorage wasn’t on those quests, I still brought in to get the experience and the guild renown.  I was also joined by another guildie, Blackvale.  We made our way through Libram of the Six, The Fane of the Six: Cleansing the Temple, and The Fane of the Six: Fall of the Prelate.  At this point, I had received enough experience on Stoorage to force him up to level 14.  So I took him out of quests and we continued through the rest of the chain, completing The Sanctum: Quench the Flames and The Sanctum: Church of the Fury.  When I went to cash in the chain award, I was hoping to get the Snowstar for Lorrikk but I didn’t get it (of course).  After receiving the story arc award, I then returned to Stoorage and took him to the fighter trainer and leveled him up.  At that point, both I and Blackvale called it at night.

Erdrique gazing down at the duergar in Ataraxia’s Haven.

Lorrikk exploring the jungle in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Lorrikk looking for the Libram of the Six.

Lorrikk coming across a powerful glass spider.

Lorrikk and Black looking for the Prelate.

Making our way through the Temple to put out the summoning circles.

Making our way to the bishop and idol.

I logged on again with Erdrique on Wednesday afternoon.  I took Erdrique back out into Ataraxia’s Haven and finished that explorer zone and then I moved off to the Sands of Menechtarun.  I gathered some slayers in that area and then called it a night as I spent the rest of the night with my wife for our weekly date night.

Gazing out over the ocean from Ataraxia’s Haven.

Erdrique making his way through the Sands of Menechtarun.

Although I logged on Thursday, I didn’t actually do any questing.  I only did some character and guild maintenance tasks.  I spent the rest of New Year’s eve relaxing with my beautiful night.

So, although I didn’t get as much questing in as much as I typically do I did get some more questing in than I did during the Christmas week.  I’m hoping the weekend will bring me back to my regular schedule.  Thanks for reading everybody and I hope you all have a great new year!!  Happy hunting!!



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