Having that Right Combination

One of the things that I find very interesting about DDO is how important party make-up can make a difference in a quest.  This became a little more apparent to me this past weekend.  Now, I do a lot of quests with just hirelings, primarily because others aren’t running the quests I want to run at the moment.  In any case, Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) was working on completing the last of his heroic quests on elite which included the quest A New Invasion.  A New Invasion is one of the original Shavarath/Amrath quests and is one of the flagging quests for the Tower of Despair raid.

A New Invasion is a level 19 quest on normal, making it a level 21 quest on elite.  It was the last of the Shavarath quests I needed to complete on elite.  A New Invasion is most notable because of its end fight.  The end fight centers around defeating a pit fiend named Barnzidu.  Barnzidu is conducting a ritual to open up a gateway between Shavarath and Eberron.  What makes this last fight notable is that the tiles in the circular room it occurs in are all set with a delayed blasting trap.  And the center of the room is constantly trapped.  One you step on a tile, you have a few second before the trap for that tile starts to explode.  Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to disable these traps.  To make things worse, not only do you have to deal with the delayed traps you also have to deal with bearded devils at the beginning of the fight as well.  One thing to keep in mind here as well, if you have multiple party members trying to complete this end fight, make sure they are all going in the same direction around the room.  Otherwise the traps that get activating from one party member will destroy the others (because they will be landing on those tiles just as the traps are exploding, ouch!!).

Now, I new about this situation and was wondering how I was going to deal with it.  I was then joined by Friedrice, who is also level 25 and is a Tempest Ranger.  I figured the two of us should be able to make it through without a problem.  Well, we made our way through the majority of quest without any incident.  When we got to the last fight though, we had some major issues.  First off, we both died when we didn’t recognize the traps going off.  I was expecting on seeing a more transparent signal for when the traps were getting ready to blow and didn’t notice them until we were dead.  Now when you get killed you get ported right back up to the top of the floor so you can raise and try again.  We headed back down there and started the end fight over again.  We made it a little closer but then we were hit with something I wasn’t expecting-the chains!!  I didn’t expect to come across those wicked chains.  No matter what happened, once I was hit with the chain I was killed shortly later and the same thing for Fried.  After we accumulated a large number of death penalties, we ran out of time (oh did I mention that this quest is also timed…ugh..).

Erdrique and Friedrice prepping for the quest, A New Invasion.

After our bad luck, Fried and I went ahead and knocked out a different quest and called it a night.  The next night though I wanted to give it a try again.  This time I was joined by Hellsbain (Level 24? Artificer) and Lunarhaze (Level 21 Cleric/Artificer).  I was curious to see how having more ranged damage per second would work in that end fight.  Again, we made it the last fight without any issues.  Now Lunar and Hell hadn’t been in this quest in a long time (or never) so it took a try or two for them to see how the mechanic worked.  However, after they saw the traps went off, we were able to move around the room together.  They were ranging Barnzidu while was meleeing the trash and then Barnzidu when he come upon us.  Hell wound up getting chained and getting killed and I got chained once or twice but survived through it and we were able to finally defeat him.

A new party make-up takes down Barnzidu.

The ranged power really helped.  That and having another party member to help with healing really pushed us over.  That end fight is definitely one to remember though.  It just reminds me how having a nice mix of party members can be the real difference in making your way through any quest.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Shavarath!!


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