Questing to Start Off the New Year, Quest Runs January 1st to January 3rd

Well I kicked off the new year in style by doing some questing in DDO :)!!  On Friday, January 1st, I started questing in the morning by taking Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) out into the Sands of Menechtarun for some slayer runs.  I have been looking forward to getting back out into the desert with Erdrique as that is my favorite explorer zone.  I then took a little break and then went back into the desert to gather some more slayers.  Then in the early afternoon, I went into House Cannith and ran the challenge, Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage twice to get some to get some epic Arcanaloth Scrolls to upgrade my Spare Hand belt.  Later that night, I headed out to the Devil Battlefield to try the quest A New Invasion.  I was joined by another guildie, Friedrice, and we made it to the end fight without any issues whatsoever however the end fight was a major complication.  Fried and I just couldn’t get past that pit fiend in the end fight.  Our lack of ranged damage ability and being held by those powerful chains pretty much sealed our doom for that run.  After a number of deaths, we eventually ran out of time.

Erdrique has finally made it out to the desert.

Erdrique clearing out the room of mephits in the Extraplanar Palace.

Erdrique finding a marilith.

Erdrique and Fried exploring the Battlefield.

Erdrique and Fried preparing for A New Invasion.

However, we didn’t want to end the holiday on a bad run so we changed our quest run and headed out to the House Cannith Manufactury.  I still needed the quest, Schemes of the Enemy, and believe it or not I had never tried that particular quest.  I wasn’t quite prepared for its relative length but it was a much smoother run than what he had in A New Invasion.  Although the end “puzzle” was a little irritating as Fried and I tried to work its logic and chasing down that stupid magefire cannon was also quite annoying but we made it through and we both got the Tinker’s Gloves and Boots of Propulsion in the end chest.  After our run through Schemes of the Enemy we both called it a night.

Erdrique and Friedrice dealing with a warforged titan in Schemes of the Enemy.

On Saturday, I logged back on with Erdrique and I headed back out into the Devil Battlefield to try A New Invasion once again.  After I had cleared the path there, I was joined by Hellsbain and Lunarhaze, both have artificer in them and are strong in ranged combat.  Again, we made it through the quest without a problem until we got to the end fight.  It was the first time Hellsbain had been in there and I don’t think Lunar had been in their in a long time (it actually might have been his first time as well).  After a few deaths during some “test” attempts, we were finally able to take down the pit fiend and complete the quest.  After we recalled, Hellsbain called it a night and Lunarhaze worked on his inventory (he had just returned to the game and was struggling with the new gear stuff).  I continued on and headed back into the House Cannith Manufactury to do the quest Power Play.  I had never done this quest before either so making my way through this House Cannith quest I found interesting.  I didn’t have any issues with it and found it to be much easier than Schemes of the Enemy.  After that I called it a night.

Erdrique trying to finish off the pit fiend before the pit fiend finishes him.

Erdrique making his way to the quest Power Play.

Erdrique watching as the Cannith Crystal gets powered down.

Sunday, I spent a majority of the time just doing a lot of maintenance.  I logged on all of my characters from both accounts and went through all of their auctions that were returned and broke down what I could and then sold what I couldn’t.  However, I really wanted to get Erdrique’s last heroic quest completed, Blown to Bits.  Now Blown to Bits was the only House Cannith quest I had done before so I was familiar with what I needed to do in there.  I just hadn’t completed it in a long, long time.  So, I headed back out to the House Cannith Manufactory and completed it without any major issues.  So now Erdrique is done with his regular heroic quests.  I’m thinking about making a run for the raids, but we’ll see.  I did log back in later that night with Garrrin (Level 23 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild).  Garrrin was working on the The Darkening quest chain and was on the The Lost Thread.  I went ahead into the King’s Forest and made me way to the Abandoned Temple and completed The Lost Thread on epic hard.  I then moved on to the Battle for Eveingstar and took that quest on epic hard as well without any issues.  I then completed a favor run, The Bookbinder Rescue, before I called it a night.

Erdrique is back in the Manufactury.

Garrrin hunts down some drow in the King’s Forest on the way to The Lost Thread.

Garrrin battling some salamanders in the Abandoned Temple.

Time to battle for Eveningstar!!

Finishing up the night by knocking down some doors and getting some favor.

So the weekend was pretty fun indeed :).  I’m looking forward to tackling the epic quests now with Erdrique.  I’m also ready to get back to my regular schedule.  I hope everybody else had a happy and safe New Year’s holiday and I also hope everybody had a fun weekend in DDO.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Cannith Manufactury!!


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