Acquiring Some New Milestones-Part 1 Heroic Quests

I guess this really shouldn’t be a surprise, but once again I have fallen behind in my DDO Community activities.  I’m not sure what has been up with the last few weeks of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, but they have created havoc for me when it comes to contributing and/or maintaining my community presence (what little that actually is…).  My last article that I posted was back on January 4th, putting me nine articles behind (assuming that I stick to producing an article a day).  I haven’t only fallen behind in my blogging, but I have also fallen behind in maintaining the Crypt Crawlers Gamer Launch Website as well as visiting other bloggers’ websites, the forums, the various DDO Youtube websites, and Twitch channels.  Not to mention that my weekly guild newsletter (I try to send the members of the Crypt Crawlers a weekly newsletter/email to catch everybody up to speed with game news as well as news within the guild).  I guess that is what happens when you travel over the holidays and just get slammed with meetings at work, not allowing any free time to participate in the community.  I’m hoping, really hoping, I can steer myself back in line and get back on the track!!

Taking a look at Erdrique’s Compendium.

Erd’s compendium part 2.

Erd’s compendium part 3.

Well, sorry about the above frustration.  It was just on my mind and I didn’t want people to think I have stopped playing DDO.  While I haven’t been able to maintain my productivity in the DDO Community, I have been able to maintain my playing schedule (thankfully!! :)).  Speaking of playing, the next set of articles I wanted to talk about are about recent acquisitions of a number of new milestones with my primary character Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar).  Over the past couple of years or so, my primary logic for Erdrique was to make my way through heroic past lives, on his way to hitting completionist, and to do this by just completing the quests listed in the Adventure Compendium as they are listed (generally, sometimes I go out of track when I hit a quest that is within a story arc to get the arc done then I go back in order).  This typically resulted in me hitting level 20 well before I reached a wide variety of content.  In fact, I generally hit level 20 when I reached the Ruins of Gianthold and sometimes by the time I reached the Vale of Twilight.  This typically resulted in me not reaching much of the game’s higher end heroic content (Reign of Madness, Druid’s Curse, Inspired Quarter, etc.) because I would undergo a heroic true reincarnation and start over at level 1 back in Korthos.

Erd’s compendium part 4.

Erd’s compendium part 5.

With that in mind, I decided to modify my plan for how or when to put Erdrique through his next heroic true reincarnation.  I decided to do the combination of an epic reincarnation and heroic true reincarnation from now on.  I did this to allow me to get back into those quests I hadn’t adventured in some time and so that I can into the newer quests.  I have to admit, this strategy has worked out quite well.  Although Erdrique was typically higher in level when running those quests which didn’t allow for the accumulation of the bravery bonus experience, I still wound up getting plenty of experience for completing these quests.  Not only was I able to complete all of those quests, it is the first time I have had a character that has completed all heroic quests, excluding the raids, on their highest setting, primarily elite (except for those quests that are solo only).  This is also the largest amount of favor I have ever had a single character, now well over 4,000 favor.  And the rest of my milestones I wanted to talk about center on that accomplishment.  I really enjoyed hitting the quests in the Reaver’s Reach, Inspired Quarter, and Devil’s Battlefield once again.  I also enjoyed running quests that I had never been in before such as those in House Cannith, The Storm Horns, and High Road.  Very fun indeed.

Erd’s compendium part 6.

Erd’s compendium part 7.

Erd’s compendium part 8.

Erdrique is now ready to continue his questing career through the epic quests.  I also would like to go back and try to complete the heroic raids as well but we’ll see how that goes.  I still have five more levels to go, I’ll be curious to see where my favor ends up by the time everything is said and done.

Erd’s compendium part 9.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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