Acquiring Some New Milestones-Part 2 Silver Flame Favor

When I decided to change my plan for Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) by running through my first epic reincarnation to be followed up with a heroic true reincarnation, it allowed me to get a few favor rewards that I haven’t obtained in a long time or never achieved before.  The first of these I would like to talk about is the Silver Flame Favor.  There is currently four different levels of Silver Flame Favor.  These are Salvageable (0 Favor), Reclaimed (75 Favor), Pious (150 Favor), and Devout (400 Favor).   When you reach the Reclaimed favor mark you are awarded with the ability to get some ailments cured by various Silver Flame Priest spread throughout Stormreach (located within the various taverns of the Stormreach Wards).  At next rank of Pious, you are awarded a permanent buff that helps increase the rate of hit and spell point regeneration while running public instances in DDO.  But the highest award is the most interesting.  When you hit the Devout rank you are able to buy a select number of items from the Silver Flame Armorer (who ironically doesn’t sell any armor…).

Erdrique has reached the level of Devout for the Silver Flame.

In full honesty, this hasn’t been the firs time I reached this mark with Erdrique.  However, it has been the first time I have reached this mark since I started down my reincarnation path.  As a result of hitting this milestone for the first time since I started to work on Erd’s completionist past I decided to include it this series of milestones.  There are two great things concerning reaching the Devout rank in the Silver Flame Favor: the ability to purchase Silver Flame potions and the ability to buy Silver Flame marks.  The Silver Flame potions are basically the bottle forms of heal which are usable from level 1.  Of course, using these potions causing a tremendous negative effect (-10 to all attribute scores, -4 to saves (on top of the resulting minus to saves from the drop in your ability scores), and 50% slowness) for 30 seconds so they are basically just a way to top off after a tremendous battle or to use in extreme circumstances.  But this allows you to stock up on potions and to be able to save them and bring forward with you to your next life.  This makes healing in heroics easier.

However, the thing I’m looking forward to most is the ability to purchase the Silver Flame marks.  These marks are used in Cannith Crafting, in particular for creating holy burst shards.  The only other time I had received any of these types of marks was when I came across them randomly in a chest.  Now I get the chance to stock up on these as well and to look forward to being able to make shards that I couldn’t make before with Cannith Crafting.  Of course, this assumes I will be able to do that with the changes to are expected to come with Cannith Crafting soon.  I’ll guess well have to wait and see.  In any case, I will be stocking up!!

Erdrique has stocked up on some Silver Flame Marks!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting and gathering that Silver Flame Favor!!


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