Acquiring Some Milestones-Part 4 Yugoloth Favor

For quite some time, the quests out in the Devil’s Battlefield were the most difficult and challenging quests in the game.  Theses quests include A New Invasion, Bastion of Power, Genesis Point, Sins of Attrition, Wrath of Flame, and The Weapons Shipment.  To this day, they are still some of the hardest quests to complete on elite.  While I have completed these quests in the past, I never did reach the second rank in Yugoloth favor.  There are currently three ranks of favor for the Yugoloth but the third isn’t quite attainable currently.  These ranks include Disliked, Unfriendly, and Suspicious.  To reach the rank of Unfriendly, you need to hit 75 Yugoloth favor.  You can do this if you complete all of the above quests on elite, which I did for the first time with Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) while taking him through his first epic reincarnation.

Erdrique hits the next rank in Yugoloth Favor.

Similar to reaching the necessary favor for the Silver Flame and House Cannith, reaching the second rank in Yugoloth grants you access to a special vendor.  This special vendor offers for sale two unique types of items: Yugoloth potions and Mark of the Yugoloth.  The Yugoloth potions are probably the most important reward.  These potions are experimental potions from the Yugoloth alchemists.  These potions are quite powerful as they add some powerful benefits with a minor negative effect.  For the most part, the various potions will add +2 to a specific attribute (strength, constitution, wisdom, etc.) that stacks with all other effects.  These effects last for 15 minutes and the potions don’t have a minimum level.  These are strong and powerful buffs that I never had access to in the past.  These potions will definitely help with questing and I will have to make sure to stock up on them prior to going through my next heroic true reincarnation.

Erdrique taking a look at the potions available from the Yugoloth vendor.

The second item you can get from the vendor is the Mark of the Yugoloth.  This particular item, similar to the Mark of the Silver Flame, is used in Cannith Crafting.  However, it appears to be only used in the a shard for +4 attack bonus, which is relatively minor for most of my needs.  However, who knows what will be added once the Cannith Crafting system gets upgraded.

Buying some Marks of the Yugoloth.

I’m looking forward to using these potions in the future.  I definitely have some preparations to make in terms of my storage and bank space to make sure I have room for them.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Devil’s Battlefield!!


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