Soundburst-The Fun Low Level Crowd Control Spell

One thing I have learned while playing DDO since 2006, crowd control is a very useful, and much appreciated, tactic!!  There are many different types of crowd control.  A variety of spells by divine and arcane casters can be used to control or stop enemies in their place.  Bards can use their songs to entrance and mesmerize their enemies.  And melee characters can use a variety of attacks and intimidate skills to direct enemies into specific locations or to keep the enemies’ attention while others lay them to waste.

A very common and very effective low level crowd control spell for clerics and bards is a spell called Soundburst.  Soundburst is an area effect spell that can have a tremendous impact on low level enemies, especially kobolds which our adventurers encounter in plethora throughout the sewers of Stormreach.  Soundburst will deal sonic damage to all enemies within its casting area and all enemies hit by the spell must make a fortitude save.  If the enemies fail the fortitude save they become stunned for about six seconds or so.

Containment taking full use of the spell Soundburst.

While the enemies are stunned, they will either stoop over or they will lean back with a swirling star rotating around their heads.  Seeing this sight on a number of kobolds or others enemies is a welcomed sight.  It allows you to hammer out those annoying shamans and throwers as soon as possible while keeping the melee enemies off of you for a little while.

Containment throwing down some more crowd control in the form of Soundburst.

If you are playing a low level character that can cast Soundburst, I would recommend it.  It definitely makes low level quests much easier to complete.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the sewers of Stormreach!!


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