Behind Enemy Lines

The other day I did something for the first time that I just thought was pretty funny.  I was running with Sludgge (Level 22 Rogue/Shadowdancer) through the Tharashk Arena on epic normal when I made it to the arena fight.  Well, as I entered the arena, I immediately headed off to the take on the kobolds before their gate was raised.  After the narration was over, and the gate opened, I immediately ran in and starting fighting the kobolds.  However, as I made my way further into their staging area, the second opened up and I was able to slip through as I was trailing the kobold shamans.  I then realized that I was literally “behind enemy lines.”

Their were other kobolds in this area that weren’t interactable and were just milling around.  Meanwhile, I continued to beat down their brethren.  It was like they simply didn’t care their fellow comrades were being killed.  It reminded me of when somebody is at work and they are on break or lunch and refuse to help with anything until their allotted time off is over.  Too funny..

The same thing then happened with me when it came to the minotaurs.  I immediately ran into the staging area and then back into the ready room to just see the minotaur shaman just sitting there.  Too bad I couldn’t lay some type of trap in there or something so that when they do go “live” they would already be a little weekend.  Hm, you know I wonder if I could do that…

These minotaurs just simply don’t care….

In any case, I just thought it was funny for these monsterous teammates just watching as their members are being destroyed.  What lazy monsters!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Tharashk Arena!!


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