Having Some Fun with Fatesinger

I’m still not quite an “expert” when it comes to Epic Destinies so I like to try to experiment with as many of them as I can across the stable of my characters.  This past weekend, I was playing with Larrs (Level 21 Bard/Fatesinger) and I had some fun experimenting with some of his abilities that I have learned from his epic destiny line, the Fatesinger.  I was running through the Tharashk Arena on epic normal while I was experimenting.  Not only was I playing around with the epic destiny abilities, I was also using some of my generic spells that have been made more effective because of this epic destiny line.

I must say, I really enjoy the extra songs you get as a Fatesinger.  Larrs is also focused on the Spellsinger enhancement line and with that combined with the Fatesinger epic destines, well let’s just say he really doesn’t have a shortage on songs :).  I tend to have enough plenty of songs, especially for buffing.

Larrs using his charm monster spell to turn the tide against Grogan..

Speaking of the buffs, the Fatesinger ability Reign I have found quite fun.  Reign is an ability that uses up a song but it is an instantaneous cast.  It provides a small hit point bonus and on a vorpal strike it will produce a nice chunk of damage from a large thunderclap that deals lightning and sonic damage.  This ability can be selected three times, increasing its hit point bonus and damage amount at each level.  I saw this going off a number of times.

Another ability from the Fatesinger tree I found fun was Aria.  Aria is another ability that can be selected up three times.  It increases the duration of your songs and the active portion of the ability allows you to create less threat for spellcasting and also increases your spell power to sonic spells and, to a lesser degree, force, positive, and negative spells.  Definitely a nice boost to your sonic spells as a bard.

More active ability that I have found somewhat interesting is Dirge.  Dirge, when activated, uses up another song but has a short term area of effect damage over time ability.  It creates sonic and negative damage every three seconds for 18 seconds.  It does have a fortitude save for half damage but if the enemies in the area fail the save, they also take a movement speed debuff.  This ability can also be selected up to three times.

I haven’t had a chance to experience or to use a number of the other abilities in the Fatesinger tree yet.  But so far, I’m finding it quite fun.  It is definitely a good compliment to what Larrs typically does during his adventuring (melee, crowd control, sonic spells, and healing spells).  If you are playing bard, check this line out.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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