So Why Only Ready Room 1?

Recently, I took both Sludgge (Level 22 Rogue/Shadowdancer) and Larrs (Level 21 Bard/Fatesinger) through the Tharashk Arena.  As I made my way past the arena promoter and then made it, rather forcibly, around the kobold registar, and into the back tunnels to each ready room, I began to wonder something.  Why are we only allowed access to Ready Room 1?

As many of you already know, as we explore the back end tunnels to the arena, the only key we ever come across is for Ready Room 1 which holds the troll gladiators.  I think it would be interesting if our party could locate the other keys as well and a make a decision in which set of gladiators to defeat and replace.  I know that in the epic levels that I would do my best to take over the Ready Room that holds those dang kobolds.

Wouldn’t be a little more interesting if we could take the place of a different set of monsters in the Tharashk Arena besides the trolls in Ready Room 1?

However, is there a specific reason why the troll gladiators are the only combatants we can replace?  The announcer and promoter seem to already know that we have taken their place, especially as we enter the arena and the announcer mentions us “newcomers” from “Stormreach.”  Perhaps the promoter is a little more intelligent than I give him credit for.  He is a bugbear after all and I don’t think bugbears are too widely well known for being intelligent.  In any case, I think it would add some depth to the quest.  I know that I would rather fight the trolls in the arena in place of the kobold shamans, or the minotaur shamans, or even the mephits.

What ready room would you take over if you had the chance to decide?  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Tharashk Arena.


3 thoughts on “So Why Only Ready Room 1?

  1. nobody in the arena complex likes the trolls and all are happy to see them replaced. The trolls smell bad and need an insane amount of food due to their regenerative abilities. The other combatents lack fire damage so they secretly all asked the organizers to get them replaced.

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