Looks Like the Auction House Doesn’t Understand

I noticed something a little strange the past few days with respect to the random generated loot system and the auction house.  I’m not entirely sure when the problem actually started showing up but I think it was after the latest patch.  In any case, I sold some things on the auction house but the automatic generated email I received was basically an error.  Instead of reporting what item was sold, I received an email with my earnings and a string table error.

Erdrique getting some strange mail back from the Auction house.

Another email with a string table error.

Here is a third example.

Now I know before the patch I was getting regular messages back when I sold items with the new randomly generated loot system.  I also noticed that items I didn’t sell where also returned with the same type of mail message.

I hope there isn’t any underlying effects from this but it is definitely strange.  Has anybody else noticed this?

Well, thanks for reading everybody and I hope you all have a great weekend adventuring in DDO!!  Happy hunting!!


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