Week of Jumping, Quest Runs February 1st to February 4th

With the Risia Ice Games going strong, a large portion of my DDO activity this week has been centered on Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) and doing a large amount of ice jumping.  This week, I have substituted my morning slayer runs and daily after work runs to the Risia Ice Games and collecting those white, blue, and purple coins.  My goal is to have collected 100 purple coins and to turn them in before the Risia Ice Games end this weekend (well actually ending the morning of Monday, February 8th).  So far, I have exactly half that number of purple coins.  We’ll how the rest of the weekend turns out with my jumping :).

Kolll on the mast and preparing to jump.

So, although I was doing a lot of ice jumping, I was still also getting some questing in.  All of my actual quest runs occurred during my regular nightly routines.  I kicked things off on Monday night by taking Hamllin (Level 17 Fighter) into the quest Undermine on elite.  Undermine is just one of those quests where you can get through it extremely smoothly or wind up having a rough time.  I figured if I made it through the minefield without any deaths then everything would be good.  I also playing during our digital table top D&D session as well, so I was also distracted.  In any case, I made it up to and through the minefield without a single death.  However, once I made it past the minefield, I got killed three times: once just at the bridge and twice while fighting Kaboom and his cronies.  The first time I got killed was because my hireling wasn’t with me, for whatever reason, and the other two times were just bad luck.  However, I did complete it.  I also picked up 12 mysterious remnants and picked up Kobold Exterminator III in my monster manual for over 1,700 experience.  As for the optional objectives, I was able to destroy Rhyolite (the huge earth elemental), Cascade (the water elemental), and the boulder.  I was quite happy with the boulder as it was the first time I completed that objective on my own.  Now the only quest that Hammy needs to complete the Attack on Stormreach chain is Seigebreaker.

Kolll swimming back to the boat after a successful jump.

Hamllin fighting off the Droaam forces in the beginning of Undermine.

I logged on Tuesday night with Charlock (Level 16 Fighter) and I took him into the quest Hiding in Plain Sight on elite, as I would like to get him through the Restless Isles quests.  Although he was slightly over level for the quest (quest is level 12 on elite), I still wound up getting a nice chuck of experience for it.  I didn’t have any issues making my way through the quest but discovered that I needed to use the DM’s Vision (from wearing the Voice of the Master and Mantle of the Worldshaper together) to find the hidden door as my detect secret doors clicky from Teraza’s Sight wasn’t good enough.  Charlock collected three monster manual deeds while working his way through the quest: Halfling Hunter I (1,600 experience), Dwarf Exterminator III (4,700 experience), and Ogre Exterminator I (1,100 experience).  Charlock also completed the four optional objectives: destroy 75 shipping containers, take the documents, defeat the Aurum blockade, and defeat the Aurum officials.

Kolll on the boat house and prepping for another set of Risia jumps.

Kolll sailing up the mast for his attempt in the Risia Ice Games.

Charlock getting ready to battle Hazadill and his goons at the end of Hiding in Plain Sight.

On Wednesday, the only thing I was able to work on was some of the Risia Ice Game jumping.  I didn’t log in that night because Wednesday’s are date night.  Thursday was a different story.  I was scheduled to bring on Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Legendary Dreadnaught) and to start the Sands of Menechtarun for some epic questing.  The first quest I wanted to tackle was The Chamber of Raiyum, also know as the Tomb of the Wizard King.  On the way out to the quest, I took some time to take on some slayers and collected another 29 gnoll slayers and 65 undead slayers.  The gnoll slayers boosted me over the 750 slayer mark for that faction.  I also came across General Tanakh, Palumak the Scourer, and Whirling Ozann.  I picked up the Bow of Elements (Air) from Whirling Ozann.  After the quick slayers, I entered the Chamber of Raiyum on epic hard and I must say I had a very good time :)!!  I didn’t come across any major issues at all while making my way through this extensive pyramid.  As I made my way through the quest, I collected Mummy Exterminator IV which netted me about 10,000 experience.  I also completed the all optional objectives which include defeating Akvan, Mehrdad, Rahab, Hafez the Lion, Hami the Jackal, and the Eternal Gatekeepers.  As a result of killing all of the named encounters, I was also able to get access to the treasure room and complete that optional objective as well.  I collected two scrolls, Scroll of Unkor’s Cleaver and Scroll of the Vulkoorim Fighting Leathers.  I also picked up 56 Token of the Twelve Fragments and a +3 Strength tome from a breakable :).  In the chests I looted a Token of the Twelve and Silken Mail.  For a quest reward I picked up 21 Commendations of Valor.  The only thing I didn’t complete was taking out the den mother but she didn’t spawn for me during this run.  Overall, it was a great run indeed!!

It is a beautiful night to do some jumping.

Kolll scanning the Harbor and prepping for his next jump.

So my quest runs this week varied from hitting up a lower lever quest in the Harbor to epic Wizard King.  I also got a lot of Risia Ice Game jumping in and I’m halfway to my goal of 100 purple coins.  I hope the weekend is just as much fun :).  I plan on taking Erdrique back into the Desert for the rest of those quests and would like to get through Spies in the House.  I also plan on continuing with Kolll and the Risia Ice Games.  I hope everybody else had a great week and I hope you all have a great weekend as well.

Kolll wondering how many participants the locals of the Harbor have seen in the Risia Ice Games.

Erdrique making his way to the Tomb of the Wizard King.

Erdrique finding a +3 Strength Tome from a breakable in Epic Hard Wizard King.

Thanks for reading and happy hunting in the Wiz-King!!


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