Crunching Down the Numbers of my Monster Manual-Part 1

One of the things I have been wanting to do is to take a more detailed look at the statistics that are collected within the monster manualDDO Gaming and DDO Gamer both did a similar exercise to this but I wanted to take it quite a bit further.  So I want to go ahead and create a series of blog posts  where I look into the details of the monster manual statistics for my VIP account.  With that said, I want to go ahead and take a look at an overall breakout of the number of monsters I have slain with all of my characters on my VIP account.  The first thing I was curious about was how many monsters have been slain by myself and my parties by monster type.

Erdrique taking a look at his monster manual

Taking a very broad look at the statistics in the monster manual, at the time I compiled the data for this post, I had destroyed 289,449 monsters that are recorded with the monster manual.  I had at least one kill in every monster category which ranged from 1 kill to over 30,000 enemies destroyed.  The monster manual currently contains 65 different monster races all of which I have encountered and taking down at least once across my pool of characters on my VIP account.

Currently, the monster manual contains 14 primary monster types (refer to Table 1 and Figure 1.).  Across these categories, humanoids, undead, and player races accounted for the top three categories of monsters that I have taken down with my characters on my VIP account.  The least common monster type I have defeated were dragons where I haven’t even eclipsed 100 kills as of yet.  Some of these trends are indicative to the different periods of time when various volumes of the monster manual were released.  However, a large portion of these trends are also due to the frequency of these types of monsters that I encounter during my normal questing routines.  Monsters in the humanoid category include creatures such as kobolds, hobgoblins, troglodytes, and gnolls which are all quite commonly encountered.  Taking a look at the undead category, these creatures are found from the initial quests in Korthos Island and are the central piece in a number of story arcs including the Catacombs, Necropolis I-IV, and Delera’s.  And the player races are spread throughout almost every major quest line.  In contrast, dragons are relatively rare in comparison.  We encounter a dragon in the Extraplanar Palace and then in the Vault of Night and then later in Gianthold, Mired in Kobolds, and then the Stormhorns (with the pseudo dragons).  After that point the majority of dragons you come across are in higher epic levels, which I haven’t run a whole lot of yet.  So seeing dragons being on the bottom of the list isn’t too surprising.

Table 1.  Total number of monsters my characters have killed by monster type from my monster manual.

Figure 1.  Proportion of the number of monsters by type that my characters have killed from the monster manual.

The monster manual currently contains seven volumes, the Prologue and volumes one through six.  I was curious to see how many monsters I defeated by volume (Table 2 and Figure 2).  The oldest volumes of the monster manuals are the Prologue, Volume 1, and Volume 2 which all came out with Update 15.  Couple that with the fact that these volumes contain a good portion of humanoids, undead, and player races it is not too surprising to see these three volumes ranking high for me.  The latest edition of the monster manual, Volume 6, accounts for the least number of monsters slain.  Again this isn’t too surprising, especially since Volume 6 is the newest one released and because it contains a number of monsters that you encounter at higher levels, including dragons, and some other lesser commonly encountered monsters such as the quori.

Table 2.  Total number of monsters destroyed for my VIP account by monster manual volume.

Figure 2.  Distribution of monster kills by monster manual volume for my VIP account.

Looking more specifically at the monster races themselves, the top 10 monsters that have been defeated by my characters are listed in Table 3 and Figures 3 and 4.  My top ten included humans, skeletons, hobgoblins, kobolds, sahuagin, spider, wolf, zombie, scorpions, and trolls.  All of these monsters are in the volumes that were first released with the monster manual (Prologue through Volume 2).  These monsters are also pretty heavily present in the lower levels of the game and quite common through the mid and higher levels.  My top monster type was humans, which accounted for well over 30,000 kills and then followed by skeletons with over 26,000 kills.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, Table 4 shows the number of monsters I have encountered and defeated the least.  The rarest monster for me is the warforged titans, which makes a whole let of sense this monster is not very common at all.  The other rare monsters for me included horned devils, liches, hell cats, stone golems, dragons, iron golems, yugoloth, clay golems, and quori.  Most of these enemies were in later editions of the monster manual and many of them don’t appear in our questing until the mid levels of the game.  The rarest monster for me, the warforged titan, I only had one kill of.  Talk about coming upon a monster very infrequently!!

Table 3.  Top ten monsters I have killed by race and fewest monsters I have killed by race.

Figure 3.  Top ten number of monsters killed by race.

Figure 4. Fewest number of monsters I have destroyed by race.

Overall, the majority of my monster kills were from humanoids, undead, and player races.  As you can imagine, looking at the analysis by volume, the majority of these monsters were from the Prologue and Volumes 1 and 2.  Humans were my favorite victims, it appears :).  At the opposite end of the spectrum dragons were my least encountered monster type.  Drilling down more specifically to the various individual monster categories, humans and skeletons made up the highest number of enemies I destroyed while the rarest enemy I came across were warforged titans.

The monster manual has been a very fun addition to the game, at least for me.  I enjoy taking a look at the various types of monsters that I have killed and encountered and looking at the overall tallies.  The next thing I want to look at is many defeats my characters have been handed by enemy monsters.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!



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