That’s A Wrap, DDO Activities over the Weekend February 5th to February 7th

This past weekend, my quest runs were dominated by two activities: the Risia Ice Games and epic quest runs.  On Friday morning, to kick off the weekend, I logged on with Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) and continued on my goal of collecting 100 purple coins from the Risia Ice Games.  I had decided the weekend prior that I would play Kolll during my morning slayer runs and my daily afternoon runs to get that accomplished.  Especially since I had a late start in getting into the Risia Ice Games this year.  I did hit my mark though and was able to turn 100 purple coins over the weekend.  So, in the afternoon playing session I continued with Kolll on my way to that mark.  Later on Friday night, I logged on with my main character Erdrique (Level 26 Rogue/Legendary Dreadnaught), and took him out into my favorite area, Sands of Menechtarun.  I wanted to go ahead and start the desert quests on epic hard.  While making my way through the desert, I collected 99 gnoll slayers and 42 undead slayers.  I also picked up and defeated Palumak the Scourer, Vorvand Darkfur, and Commander Errulf as I made my way to the Chains of Flame.

Kolll making his way down the ramp to get some coins.

Kolll soaring through the night sky to get some coins.

Erdrique taking down some undead on his way to the Chains of Flame.

Chains of Flame on epic hard was relatively interesting for Erdrique but it was also relatively easy.  Since Erdrique is currently a rogue, I was able to disable the grease traps that have bothered a number of characters who have tried to make it through this quest on epic hard.  In some instances, I had to exit out and make my way through the quest on epic normal instead (because the grease traps don’t appear on epic normal).  Luckily, this wasn’t an issue with Erdrique.  Making my way through Chains of Flame I was able to complete the optional objectives for killing Unkhor the Gourmet, freeing Gasper Goldpike (which was the first time I was able to do this objective), speaking to Valgrim, killing Valgrim’s elemental guards, freeing Valgrim (this is the minotaur prisoner), speak to Erath, take over Erath’s curse, defeat the ogre warlocks, and free Erath.  I also received Gnoll Exterminator IV for my monster manual which gave us 9,600 experience.  As for awards, I collected 58 Fragments of the Token of the Twelve, a scroll of the Sirrocco, a complete Token of the Twelve, and twenty commendations of Valor.  I did get killed once, when I was fighting one of the Firebrand Overseers who was standing next to a Mordakein’s Disjunction trap.  Overall though, it was a great run.  After I completed the Chains of Flame, I then called it a night.

Erdrique exploring the Burning City.

On Saturday, I did more Risia Ice Game jumps with Kolll.  I worked on this throughout the day and picked up about another 42 purple coins.  I had picked up 50 up to that point.  On Saturday night, I logged back on with Erdrique and this time I headed off into the quest An Offering of Blood on epic hard.  On my way out there I collected another four gnoll slayers and 45 scorrow.  I also took out Volrune the Curate.  I then popped into An Offering of Blood on epic hard.  I didn’t have any particular issues with this quest, although I thought that the stunning scorpions were going to cause me some issues but luckily I was able to last through it and take them out without getting killed.  As I bulldozed my way through the quest I picked up Scorpion Exterminator IV in the monster manual and picked up 3,69 experience.  I took out the High Priest of Vulkoor and Darksting as well.  I also picked up seven mysterious remnants, 47 Fragments of the Token of the Twelve, and scrolls of Pouch of Jerky, Ring of Baphomet, and the Weathered Targe.  For a quest reward I picked up 18 Commendations of Valor.

Kolll making his way up the ramp.

Erdrique taking down Volrune.

Erdrique and his hirelings battling the scorpions in An Offering of Blood.

As I was making my way through An Offering of Blood, Sornea and Blackvale were finishing up the Lord of Stone.  They then switched characters to Hellorcish and Lunarhaze, respectively, and we headed back out to the desert and made our way to Against the Demon Queen to knock it out on epic hard.  While making our way through the desert I picked up 29 more gnoll slayers, 23 scorrow slayers, and took out Mendexethaz.  The riddle we had was Monkey, Octopus, Bat, Snake, Scorpion, and Wolf.  I was a little disappointed as I didn’t pick up a single scroll during this roll.  I did pick up a few monster manual deeds: Troglodyte Exterminator III  (1,800 experience), Efreeti Exterminator III (4,400 experience), and Flesh Render Exterminator I.  I also picked up 49 Fragments of the Token of the Twelve and a complete Token of the Twelve.  Overall, we didn’t have many issues although we did have a death or due in some of the more powerful sonic traps in the mephit area.  We all called it a night after that run.

Erdrique stumbling upon Mendexethaz on his way to the Demon Queen.

Making our way to the Demon Queen.

To close the weekend out, on Sunday I logged on with Kolll and finished my goal of collecting 100 purple coins.  I then spent the rest of the afternoon cashing in my Risia Ice Game coins and then doing some Risia crafting.  I had enough recipes to make five icy burst kits, a snow elemental gem, two “glaciation” weapons, and an eternal wand of ray of frost.  Needless to say it was quite a “wintery” day :).  Later that night, I broke the routine and logged on with Lorrikk (Level 13 Monk) and with Suppply (Level 10 Paladin) for some dual boxing.  I took them into Stormcleave as Lorrikk needed to complete that on elite.  Well, things started out well.  I made my way all the way to General Xanti’lar when I decided to try to be cute and paid the price.  Lorrikk was the primary character I was playing and I took him and his cleric hireling into the last cave.  I wanted to collect as many kills as I could so I went ahead and opened up the mephit rooms and started to take them out.  However, my grand plan didn’t quite work.  I wasn’t paying attention to my health bars or to the fact that my ship buffs had worn out and before I knew it I was a soulstone at the foot of the fire mephits.  I brought in Suppply to the cave but he didn’t fair much better.  So I didn’t get the quest completed but I did complete a number of optional objectives including defeat the raiding force, destroying the magefire cannon crates, destroying more of the forces, taking out the dimensional gate, and gathering all the supply crates.  Lorrikk also had picked up two monster manual deeds: Hill Giant Hunter (2,260 experience) and Troll Exterminator II (1,695 experience).  So after that little bit of frustration I called it a night.

Lorrikk making his way through Stormcleave Outpost.

So although the weekend closed out a little frustrating, the weekend overall turned out to be pretty good.  Erdrique completed the desert quests on epic hard and I was able to collect a large number of coins from the ice games and get those turned in.  Not bad at all.  I hope everybody else had a great weekend and I hope you all have a great week as well!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the desert!!


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