Exploring the Tomb of the Wizard King

I’m going to keep up with the theme I started earlier this week by writing more about the Sands of Menechtarun with today’s blog article.  I want to write about one of the more high profile quests in the area, The Chamber of Raiyum, also known as the Tomb of the Wizard King.  I recently took Erdrique (Level 26 Rogue/Legendary Dreadnaught) through this DDO classic which is one of my favorite quests to go through.  The Chamber of Raiyum is a level 12 quest on Heroic Normal and a level 22 quest on epic normal.  It is one of the quests that is necessary to complete in order to get flagged for the Against the Demon Queen Pre-Raid and Zawabi’s Revenge raid.  One of the quest rewards you received after you defeat the lich Raiyum is his phylactery which is one of three items Zawabi needs to send you on your way to take down the Demon Queen, Lailat (who I talk about here).

The Chamber of Raiyum is the easiest of the three flagging quests for the Zawabi’s Revenge raid to get to but is a complicated quest to run.  It is located in the area of the desert known as the Valley of the False Tombs.  It is essentially located in a straight line from the entrance of the Sands of Menechtarun explorer area.  The quest takes place in the largest pyramid in the Valley of the False Tombs and it truly is quite an impressive structure.

The enemies you encounter in this quest are primarily some form of undead.  If you are interested in collecting monster manual deeds for mummies or skeletons, then this is a good quest to do some monster farming.  The first set of encounters you come across are a pack of Windlasher gnolls and their pet hyenas.  After you make it past the gnolls, you will encounter primarily clay golems, skeleton warriors, skeleton archers, arcane skeletons, mummy guardians, and mummy avengers.  You will also encounter scorpions, mephits, and ghasts, though at far lesser volumes.  There are also a number of named enemies as well which include an efreeti, two djinns, mummy guardians, and the lich Raiyum himself.  On epic hard and elite, you may also encounter some death hex wraiths.

Battling the skeleton warriors in the midst of spinning blade traps in the Wiz King.

Erdrique coming across some hex wraiths on his way to Raiyum.

As you can imagine, with the quest taking place in the largest structure in the desert, the quest layout is pretty complicated.  It generally takes a few runs to get a good feel for how the quest is laid out, it felt like it took me forever to learn how it goes.  There are a number of places where you have to make your way down tunnels to pull some levers to open up passage ways that were blocked from the direction you just came, therefore forcing you to back track often.  As you enter the pyramid and you make your way into the main entrance zone you will encounter a small pack of Windlasher gnolls.  From this room, you can either descend into the bottom floor of the pyramid or you can go to the north or south to make your way further up into the upper levels of the pyramid.  Another key point of interest about this particular room is that there are two shrines here, one on each side of the room, that will be needed later.

Windlasher gnolls are the first enemies you come across in the Wiz King.  Also note the shrine here, there are two shrines in the beginning of the quest that will be useful later.

As you defeat the gnolls, you will note that a chest will unlock, which is located above the passageway that leads to the bottom floor of the pyramid (I guess you could call that the basement).  The chest contains a crest that can be placed in a wall slot that will open up the passage ways to the north and to the south.  Before I talk about the passages to the north and south I wanted to mention a few things about the basement.  Their are a couple points of interest located here.  This area contains a chest that is placed in a random location that contains a Seal of Fire.  This particular seal can be used later in the quest, but isn’t necessary.  However, more importantly, the basement contains Raiyum’s treasure room and two more shrines.  You can’t access the treasure room yet but will want to when you complete the quest.  When you make your way through the basement portion of the pyramid you will encounter a number of respawning ghasts and will also get caught in a few rooms that get sealed off and spawn skeletons and mummies to attack you.  These rooms open up when all of the ambushing monsters are slain.  There is also a small mephit NPC down in the basement that complains about having to do some cleaning and if you follow his complaints he will give you some hints on the locations of Raiyum two primary protectors, Hami and Hafez.  You will most likely make your way through this basement a few times when you work your way through this quest.

Putting the crest in the wall opens up the passage to get further into the pyramid of the Wiz King.

To explore the upper reaches of the pyramid though you need to take the passage to the north.  If you go to the south passage, you will eventually come across a room where the entire floor falls out from underneath you and can’t get across, sending your back down to the basement and back to the northern passage.  After you make your way into the northern passage you can then decide to either continue to the north or to make your way to the west.  This is the point of the quest that many players call “towers.”  If you are in a group with a few people, you can divide up the party to have them go in different directions to explore individual “towers”.  Each tower will lead to a different boss fight, which will either be with Raiyum, Hami, or Hafez.  Besides listening to the mpehit’s clue from the basement, you will have the opportunity to read some special plaques that are placed in a few rooms.  If your intelligence is high enough, the plaques will tell you which path you are currently on.  If you happen to go west after you hit the start of the towers, you will eventually come to another fork forcing you to either to continue west or to go south (if I’m remembering correctly).

It is time to pick the path to a “tower.”

As you make your way through the towers you will come across a number of interesting quest mechanics.  First off, you will have to deal with a number of skeletons and mummies, be prepared for some heavy weapon damage, especially if you are using slashing weapons.  You will be forced to open up passages by either pulling levers or by defeating red named mummy avengers called Eternal Gatekeepers.  You will keep climbing stairs as you ascend higher and higher into the pyramid.  Besides being forced to deal with all of the undead, you will also encounter a number of traps.  There are a plethora of spinning blade traps, with some moving and others being stationary.  To make things even more complicated, there are a few rooms that you have to cross that have half of the floor that crumbles away.  If you fall through the floor, you will fall into a room one level lower that is full of scorpions or mummies.  You generally have to pull a lever or two to get out of these rooms and then have to run back up to the level you were at when you fell.  These rooms can get quite annoying, especially since they will contain skeleton archers and arcane skeletons that can walk across the portion of the floor that has fallen away making dealing with them frustrating.  You have to cross these rooms because they are typically in front of another room that has a lever that needs to be pulled to allow you access to the upper reaches of pyramid.  Sometimes, you can see cracks in the floor giving you a clue as to which portion of the room has the crumbling floor.

Battling the eternal gatekeeping between spinning traps.

A room that will have some crumbling floors guarded by some skeleton archers.  Need to cross this room to get to the lever in the adjoining room to proceed higher into the tower.

Scorpions might be the rooms one floor below those rooms with the break away floors…as you can tell, Erd fell through such a room.

The rooms on the other side of those with the crumbling floors will have a special lever that needs to be pulled that are generally protected by more traps (sonic if I remember correctly) and mephits.  These are also the rooms that contain the plaques that can be read that indicate which boss you are on the path to.  As you continue on the path through any given tower, you will also come across levers that need to be pulled that are within small rooms.  Some of these rooms will close when then the lever is pulled making you feel like you are in a closet.  When this happens a skeleton spawns and when you destroy the skeleton the door reopens allowing you to continue on your way.  Eventually you will come to the top of the tower where you will encounter Raiyum, Hami, or Hafez and their respective guardians.  As you reach, what I’m going to call as the peak, of the tower you will enter a room that either has a djinn or an efreeti.  The djinn will either be the optional named monster Akvan or Merhdad and the efreeti is the optional named Rahab.  These three outsiders are the guardians to Raiyum and his two primary servants.  Although these three enemies are considered optional objectives, the one that is guarding Raiyum is a mandatory requirement because you can’t get to Raiyum until his guardian is defeated.  However, the other two guardians are not required because if you happen to pick the correct tower that Raiym is currently residing in then you can complete the quest without dealing with Hami or Hafez.  One other thing I would like to mention about Akvan, Merhdad, and Rahab is that they can easily be defeated without actually fighting them.  Just as a side note, there are two other quests located in the Valley of the False Tombs (Chamber of Kourush and Chamber of Rhamat).  Both of these quests will allow you to obtain a special seal (a different seal from each quest).  One of these seals is what is binding Akvan to this plane while the other is the seal that is binding Mehrdad.  If you bring these seals with you and talk to the djinn to kick off the encounter you will have the option to break the seal which then immediately defeats the respective djinn.  The seal of fire, located in the basement of this quest, is what is used on Rahab the efreeti.  So if you come prepared, these guardian fights are extremely easy :).

By reading this plaque I can tell I’m on my way to fight the Jackal.]

This is the path that leads to the Lion.

Finally making my way toward the king.

If you happen to pick a tower that leads to Hami or Hafez, you will have to defeat their respective guardians to encounter them as well and when you do defeat Hami or Hafez the floor in their room crumbles away and you fall all the way back down to the basement where the treasure room is located as well as two other shrines.  To get to the shrines you need to activate a rune which has a lower level Intelligence check (I believe).  You will note that the treasure room is blocked off and is connected to the room with the shrines.

No other way to go but down after defeating Hami or Hafez.

At the bottom of the long fall and back in the basement are two shrines behind a rune locked door as well as the treasure room.

Raiyum’s treasure room is warded.  Notice the face in the flames.  Also notice that around the frame of the door are three “skulls” and that one of them is extinguished meaning that one of the undead bosses have been taken care of.

The Chamber of Raiyum is one of those quests that makes it worth while to complete all of the optional objectives.  There are number of them to complete, at your leisure.  These included defeating the den mother for the windlasher gnolls (Yheeroua, she doesn’t always spawn but when she does you need to defeat her to open the chest to get the crest, so in that sense she is a mandatory kill requirement), destroying the eternal gatekeepers; defeating Akvan, Merhdad, Rahab, Hami, and Hafez, and then opening and entering the secret treasure room.  Each of these objectives give at a nice chuck of experience and it can’t be quite substantial if you take the time to complete them all.  Also, when you defeat Raiyum, Hami, and Hafez and their respective guardians you will open up access to the treasure room.  Although you are awarded a chest when you defeat Raiyum, the real reward is getting into the treasure room.  The only bad thing about this is that you either have to dimension door back to the beginning of the quest or you need to run back down the tower to get back to the treasure room because when Raiyum is defeated his floor doesn’t break away, unlike with Hami and Hafez.

Fighting Rahab to get to one of the undead bosses in the Wiz-King.

Preparing to fight one of the djinn guardians.

Time to take down Akvan.

The treasure room is now open.

There is also one other little mystery I wanted to make note of.  I know that there is at least one hidden door in one of the towers.  The only thing special about this hidden door, from what I have seen, is that it generally hides a mummy prince.  The mummy prince is just a mummy avenger.  He isn’t red named, doesn’t guard a chest, and isn’t any type of optional objective.  He is probably slightly stronger than the other mummy avengers you find in the quest but he doesn’t give you anything special as far as they quest is concerned.  It makes me wonder if there was something else that was meant to be added.

The key fights in this quest are with Hami, Hafez, and Raiyum.  Hami and Hafez are powerful mummy guardians who also happen to be strong clerics.  They tend to like to throw out comet fall and their orange blade barriers.  Raiyum on the other hand focuses more on his arcane spellcasting.  As soon as he breaks out of his coffin, he sheathes himself in a permanent cold version of fire shield, making melee attacks very frustrating.  He is also highly resistant to energy based spells and attacks.  He likes to use spells such as fireball, chain lightning, and disintegrate to make our lives a pain.  If you are a melee, make sure you have cold protection and resistance on of some sort.

Erdrique taking on the Jackal.

Fighting the Lion.

Battling Raiyum could be detrimental to one’s health.

To wrap things up, the  Chamber of Raiyum is a fun, although long quest.  Although the design of the quest is intended to take a long time to complete, it can be completed rather quickly by splitting up a party and taking down separate towers or by getting lucky and picking the correct tower that Raiyum happens to be hiding in (using the mephit complaining about Hami and Hafez in the basement could help with this).  However, if you do come across Raiyum prior to Hami and Hafez, I think it is worth your while to go back and defeat the other two just to get the experience and to unlock the treasure room.  In either case, give the quest a look through if you haven’t done it before.  It is definitely an experience!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Wiz-King.


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