Developing a Character Biography for Tuhnn

I haven’t created a large number of iconic characters.  So far, I have only created one and that is Tuhnn who is currently a level 16 Bladeforged.  I created Tuhnn awhile back and now it is time to add his storyline and creation to the lore side of things.  In other words, I need to develop a biography for him.  My main thoughts for Tuhnn was to focus more on generating damage and just creating havoc in the midst of his enemies.  I planned on using nothing but great swords for him, maybe a great club as well for slimes, so he won’t be using any type of shields.  I also want him to have a very intimidating appearance.


Tuhnn looking imposing on guild’s airship.

Being a “child” of the Lord of Blades and being a paladin, Tuhnn has some conflicting personality conflicts.  With the Lord of Blades inherently being evil but Tuhnn being lawful good, as his class requires for being a paladin, has created a number of internal conflicts for him.  He wants to maintain that religious connection to his creator but he also wants to work in the promotion of eradicating evil beings.  To make things even more complicated, he is conflicted when it comes to working with others as he wants to make sure that the quests and adventures he is participating in further the goals of the Lords of Blade while also working to provide for a safer and better world.

That is definitely an interesting back drop for a character biography.  Tuhnn was created by the Lord of Blades as a member of his elite warrior class, the Bladeforged.  Created in the mystical forges under House Cannith, Tuhnn emerged from the creation forge and ventured out into the House Cannith ward.  He was eager to explore the wild continent of Xen’drik and it’s mixing pot city of Stormreach.  Stormreach was the perfect city to explore, learn, and adventure in.  There was plenty of work to do and deeds to be done.

As he left the House Cannith ward he entered the Stormreach Marketplace and headed for the Rusty Nail in the hopes of finding some information and to see if there was anything going on that needed investigation.  When he entered the tavern he noticed a few adventurers sitting at a large table.  As soon as he noticed them, they noticed him.  One of them got up and headed towards him, another warforged but unlike him, Harrgon wasn’t a Bladeforged.  Harrgon introduced himself and offered him a place at the table.  Tuhnn learned that Harrgon and the rest of the group were adventurers who were in a small guild called the Crypt Crawlers.  The Crypt Crawlers were lead by a passionate and caring leader named Erdrique.

The members at the table mentioned that Erdrique was recruiting more hands and recommended for Tuhnn to talk to him.  Tuhnn accepted the offer and shortly later met up with the guild’s leader.  Tuhnn realized that he would fit I  with this group of adventurers and confided in Erdrique about his inner conflicts.  Erdrique told Tuhnn that he would help him resolve those issues and that troubles they continue to solve in Stormreach and Evening star may present him with a solution to his own problrms.  After some consideration, Tuhnn accepted the offer to join the guild.

So, with that as a background to Tuhnn here is a quick biography:

Tuhnn was created by the legendary Lord of Blades in his personal creation forges under House Cannith as one of his elite and few Bladeforged warriors.  Tuhnn wants to do everything he can to forward the goals of the Lord of Blades but he also wants to do what is right for the greater good as well.  This has caused quite a bit of personal conflict for him.  He joined the Crypt Crawlers to help them with their goals to restore good in the wild land of Stormreach.  He is hoping that through theses quests and adventures that he will be able to develop a solution to his internal conflicts.

I think that is a descent description for my thoughts on Tuhnn and his background.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Stormreach!!


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