Its Fun to Scream!!

One of the active abilities in the Fury of the Wild epic destiny is called Primal Scream.  Primal Scream is a tier 1 ability that can be trained three times.  Following its barbarian like theme, when Primal Scream is activated it grants all nearby allies up to a +5 morale bonus to strength and constitution at the cost of -2 penalty to armor class.  It also will deal up to 30d20 sonic damage to all nearby enemies.

I have had quite a bit of fun playing around with this ability.  I currently have this twisted in on Erdrique (Level 26 Rogue/Legendary Dreadnaught) and with Garrrin (Level 23 Barbarian/Primal Avatar).  I have twisted Primal Scream primarily because of its strength and constitution buff, its low “twisting” cost since it is only a tier 1 ability, and for its burst like area of effect damage.  If you are patient with its activation, it is a great way to do some damage to a wide area of enemies and draw them to you where you can use other crowd control abilities to stop them in their tracks.

Primal Scream is a useful ability for Garrrin.

I typically use it just as I get into the thick of a battle or when I get surrounded.  I have found that it has great synergy with the Legendary Dreadnaught line and with the Thief Acrobat prestige enhancements.  For Legendary Dreadnaught, activating a burst of Primal Scream is quite effective when using the abilities of Lay Waste, Lightning Mace, and Momentum Swing.  This is a nice little burst of quick and fun damage.  Couple that with the Thief Acrobat abilities of Sly Flourish, Quick Strike, and Sweeping Strikes you get a pretty lethal combination of abilities to be clicking through.  You can then couple all of this damage with Venomed Blades and Shiv for more fun.  And then have Power Attack on just for the some icing on the cake :).  And then we can’t forget about Cleave and Great Cleave as well!!

Garrrin getting ready to reactivate Primal Scream.

The animation of it going off looks similar to something like a sound burst spell.  A large wave like stream of sonic  energy flows through the air around you and strikes your enemies.  It also radiates in a 360 degree arc around you.  Overall, I just find it as a fun little buff :).  If you get a chance play around with it!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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