Pondering Draya Dun’Robar

Last weekend, I took Erdrique (Level 26 Rogue/Legendary Dreadnaught) into the last quest of The Darkening Story Arc, The Battle for Eveningstar.  As I made my way through the quest and to the end fight with the Red Weaver and his mount, I noticed that his mount was a female drow named  Draya Dun’Robar.  Draya was the drow leader for the invasion and her defeat was what was necessary to destroy the invading army.

However, I also noticed that Draya was not a drow priestess.  I’m not sure why this took me awhile to realize it.  Instead of being a priestess she is a ranger instead.  Now, if you know anything about the Forgotten Realms drow you know that the majority of the female drow from the noble houses are destined to become priestesses of Lolth.  So, it makes me wonder how Draya became a ranger.

Erdrique taking on Draya at the end of the Battle for Eveningstar.

The House of Dun’Robar is one of the major houses that is leading the assault on Eveningstar from the City of Portals, Sschindylryn.  I’m guessing that the political dissension in the house is what has forced Draya to become a ranger instead of priestess.  Draya is probably one of the “younger” daughters of the matron mother.  It appears to me that House Dun’Robar is specialized in developing melee and martial weapons, especially swords (hence the quest House of Rusted Blades).  I’m guessing that Draya is being forced to make her way up the ranks and needs to prove herself before she can be granted the right to train as a priestess for the house.  Her rank within the house might be so low that she needs to essentially “apply” for priesthood.  In so doing, she has been training in the martial and ranged combat and has been granted the opportunity to lead this invasion force.  In essence, this makes some sense because if the invasion were to fail, House Dun’Robar doesn’t lose a significant portion of their house or their influence.  And in the meantime they can actually establish a stronger foothold in the political structure and in drow society by having having a House Dun’Robar leading the invasion force and striking a number of successes.

Draya is not a drow priestess but a formidable ranger instead.

There is also another possibility for her status that I can think of.  If you ever read the various Drizzt novels by R A Salvatore you know that the drow noble houses are constantly fighting each other and that in many instances the nobles of the defeated house are “absorbed” into the conquering house.  Of course this gets complicated because by the society rules, if any nobles live from the conquered house then they could petition to the ruling party of the drow city where they are located in which case the victorious house could be destroyed.  However, the victorious houses generally offer these lesser nobles extremely profitable opportunities to avoid this (if any of those nobles live after the battle).  I’m wondering if Draya fits in this category.  Perhaps she was from a warring house of Dun’Robar and happened to survive and now she is trying to escalate her status within the strong house she now resides in.

However Draya became the leader of the invasion force and why she isn’t a priestess is of little consequence to the quest and to the invasion.  Even not being a priestess, she is a formidable opponent and her bebilith creature companion in tandem with her abilities are quite lethal.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting the drow in Eveningstar!!


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