Congratulations Crypt Crawlers-Guild Level 70!!

Although a little late, I wanted to write up a quick article to congratulate my guild, The Crypt Crawlers, for hitting guild level 70.  Because my back log seems to have been increasing over the past several months, I haven’t had a chance to congratulate our members in this fashion.  The Crypt Crawlers hit gild level 70 back on February 24, 2016.  This is a pretty big achievement for us because of few things.

The Crypt Crawlers are guild level 70!!

First off, it gives us access to a new guild airship, the Windspyre Gryphon.  Up to this point, the Crypt Crawler were traveling around Stormreach in a Stormglory Tempest.  The larger ship allows us to store more of the amenities that we have access too allowing our officers to swap fewer amenities that we don’t have enough space to permanently keep placed on the ship.  Although not a major issue, it does save some time and is more convenient.  It also gives us access to our first ship that has two lower decks.  The Windspyre Gryphon has two lower decks, the cargo hold, can keep ten hold rooms, and can store two state rooms.  In comparison, the Stormglory Tempest only has one lower deck and maintains eight hold rooms.  My grand scheme for the guild is to save up enough astral shards to get the largest ship, the Daedalean Kraken, however that is still quite a bit out of our price range.  The Daedalean Kraken cost 4,000 astral shards, and between what my characters have and what is stored in the guild bank, we have about 1,000 shards.  So, we are getting there, albeit slowly.

Erdrique on the top deck of the new guild airship.

Erdrique taking a look at the top deck from the pilot’s view.

Checking out the empty lower decks of our new guild airship.

Erdrique now checking out the lower decks of the fully equipped airship.

Second, at guild level 70, the Crypt Crawlers get access to some new amenities.  One of these amenities is essentially “expired”, the large guild augments, but still could be useful in some circumstances.  We also get access to the Twelve Planescaller, which allows our navigator to transport us to areas in other planes (such as the Amrath).  The Twelve Planescaller is one of the older amenities as well and is one of those placed in the cargo hold.  Another reward for hitting guild level 70, we got access to the second level of the Shrine of the Devourer hold room.  This hold room grants acid and cold resistance, acid and cold spellpower, and acid and cold damage absorption.

Not a bad deal for collecting some guild renown during our questing :).  So, congratulations to the Crypt Crawlers!!  Now it is time to keep moving on our way to guild level 80 and beyond :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in DDO.


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