Having Fun with Twilight, The Element of Magic

I have to admit, casting classes are my weakest classes to play within DDO.  Caster tend to have so many different spells and feats to click on that makes them playing a little complicated for me, which is why I tend to favor melee characters instead.  However, with that said, I still have my casters and I do have fun playing them.  I currently have Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Draconic Incarnation) and Cantlin (Level 13 Sorcerer).  One of the items that I have found fun for Rimuldar is the quarterstaff, Twilight, Element of Magic.  This quaterstaff is obtained from the Caught In the Web raid.  I actually got mine from Rimuldar’s Raiders Reward Box.

Rimuldar taking a closer took at his powerful quarterstaff.

Twilight, Element of Magic has a number of special abilities.  These include the following:

Spellcasting Implement +21

+7 Enhancement bonus

Potency +80

Impulse +120

Evocation Focus III

Enchantment Focus III

Arcane Augmentation IX

Spell Lore VI

Attuned to Heroism

This particular quarterstaff is really pretty effective for Rimuldar.  This is because Rimuldar has focused primarily in the Archmage prestige enhancement line.  The majority of his damage dealing spells are evocation based and include the magic missile line, the lightning bolt line, prismatic ray, fireball, frost lance, wall of fire, cone of cold, delayed blast fireball, prismatic spray, polar ray, and meteoric swarm.  Also, within the Archmage line, Rimuldar has taken the force spells as spell like abilities.  The Impulse +120 increases the damage output for all of these spells and spell like abilities.  Also, the Evocation Focus III helps with the difficulty check against spells such as lightning bolt, fireball, and chain lightning.  Meanwhile the Potency +80 increases the damage output for my spells that aren’t part of the evocation school such as acid arrow and dragon bolt.  Also, having the caster level for all 9th level and lower spells raised by one helps with the saves against by difficulty checks as well.

Rimuldar ready to tackle the King’s Forest with this Twilight, Element of Magic.

Not only does Twilight, Element of Magic have a number of fun stats for Rimuldar, it is also pretty cool looking.  I really like the way it suits Rimuldar.  I have a Raider’s Reward box for Cantlin as well, which I haven’t opened yet, but he will most likely take this as well.  It will be a nice caster stick for him too, primarily because the majority of his spells are also evocation based (he is a fire savant).

In any case, I don’t have any plans on replacing Rimuldar’s primary weapon anytime soon.  It seems to be working good for me right now.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the King’s Forest.


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