Taking a Glance at An Offering of Blood

There are three flagging quests in the Sands of Menechtarun that must be completed to pick up the quest, Against the Demon Queen (pre-raid for the Zawabi’s Revenge, better known as the Demon Queen).  These include The Chamber of Raiyum (The Wizard King), Chains of Flame, and An Offering of Blood.  I have written about the Chains of Flame and did an in-depth walk through for Tomb of the Wizard King.  This afternoon, I want to take some time to write about the third quest, An Offering of Blood (keeping up with my desert and scorrow theme today as I already wrote about Volrune the Curate).

An Offering of Blood could be argued to be the easiest of the three flagging quests.  It is by the far the shortest of the three flagging quests but the length of the quest can be extremely misleading when it comes to judging difficulty.  In my thinking, An Offering of Blood is just as difficult as the other two if you have never been in the quest before and don’t know what to expect or how it flows (in other words, until you learn the quest’s momentum, this quest can be extremely difficult).  An Offering of Blood is a level 11 quest on normal and level 21 quest on epic normal.  The quest giver is Calyx Shattermoon, who is located in Zawabi’s Refuge, not far from where you turn in Antique Bronze Token Vendor.  You can definitely tell you the Calayx has a score to settle with the scorrow and Vulkoor.  In any case, she tells you about a holy ritual that is currently occurring in the Vulkoorim Spiral.

The Vulkoorim Spiral is located on the far eastern edge of the explorable area of the Menechtarun Desert.  It is on the other side of the Windlasher Canyon and southeast of the area known as the Scar.  The Vulkoorim Spiral is the center of operations for the Vulkoori drow and scorrow of the Menectharun desert.  The entrance to the quest is at the bottom of the large crater like spiral through a huge crack on the ground surface.  To get there, you will have to battle your way through a number of drow, scorrow, and scorpions.

Once you enter the quest, you start out on a ledge.  You quickly realize that you have to fall down a considerable depth to get into this dangerous stronghold.  Make sure you summon any hirelings and you apply whatever buffs you have at this point.  Also make sure to equip your featherfall item on.  You will bounce off the walls as you fall down into the tunnel and will eventually land in the middle of a large chamber.  In this chamber, you will see a fiendish gnoll that has been sacrificed by the drow to Vulkoor along with an offering of the gnoll’s blood.  As soon as you grab this offering the fun begins.

When you pick up the offering, you will be attacked by the first of three aspects of Vulkoor.  This aspect is a large Menectharun scorpion, Aspect of Wrath.  Once you defeat the Aspect of Wrath, the drow will begin their assault as they realize that somebody has infiltrated their compound and is trying to disrupt the ritual.  Now this is where the real challenge to this quest begins and what makes it extremely challenging your first few times you attempt this quest.  These drow, drow scorpions, and scorpions will continue to respawn.  Wave after wave of these enemies will continue to assault you.  Whatever you do, do not sit and wait for them.  You need to move forward!!

Erdrique fighting the initial scorpion spawns before he collects the offering in the beginning of An Offering of Blood.

Once the first Aspect is slain, the doors in this large chamber will open up, allowing the drow to enter and allowing you to leave.  You want to take the passage to the north, the other two passages are just dead ends.  This will be the path you will stay on for the rest of the quest.  In this fashion, the quest is quite linear.  The path is essentially a tunnel.  It has a number of doors spaced throughout that will need to be opened up by pulling a lever.  These doors will be guarded by drow and you will also have to maintain with the respawns.  The tunnel will loop around as you make your way back up to the surface and out of the spiral.

Now, although the primary tunnel is obvious, there are a number of smaller side rooms that you can enter if you choose to do so.  They are not a mandatory part of the quest and will require someway for you to unlock these particular doors.  As you continue along the tunnel you will eventually hit a bridge.  Be wary of this bridge as it is trapped, I believe with flame jets.  Once you cross the bridge you will come up to another large chamber.  This chamber contains a powerful red named drow scorpion, the second aspect (Aspect of the Hunter).  You will need to defeat him to open up the door that he guards, meanwhile having to deal with spawns and another powerful drow scorpion named Darksting.  Darksting is an orange named enemy and isn’t a require kill.  Once you make it past the second aspect, you will continue along the tunnel and will eventually hit another large chamber.  This particular chamber is extremely challenging.  First off, there is a small path that leads to a small underwater pond that hides a shrine.  This is an excellent place to take refuge and to hide in if necessary.  The rest of the room is designed to be scaled like a stacked staircase.  On each step are a number of drow archers and to make things even more interesting lightning traps are spaced throughout the steps.  Having electrical protection and resistance is highly recommended as well as having a high reflex, evasion, and/or high hit points.  One member of the group will need to make their way up above this wall.  Once they do so they will be able to lower a bridge that will allow the rest of the party to completely bypass the wall.

Erdrique dealing with multiple attacks on the bridge, take note of the fire traps (red nodes on the wall) that he disabled.

Once you are past this particular point, you will continue along the tunnel until you reach the last aspect, the Aspect of Cunning who is a powerful drow caster.  Of course you not only have to deal with him but also his respawning minions.  Once you defeat him, access to the surface open up as his flame barrier disappears that keeps it guarded.  Whatever you don’t dwaddle because the drow, drow scorpions, and scorpions will continue to spawn.  Once you enter the passage you will come across Calyx and when you hand her the offering the quest will complete.

Now something worth of mention.  In the those locked side rooms are a number of quests and another optional named drow scorpion, the High Priest of Vulkoor.  One of these side rooms also contains another shrine and one of the chests has a change of producing the Spectral Gloves.  Another point of note, on epic settings when you get to the last aspect, he is helped by some powerful construct scorpions that spam a powerful sound bursting effect that could be extremely detrimental to your success.  In fact on epic, you have to defeat these before the last aspect activates.

An Offering of Blood can be a quick and fairly simple run, if you know what to expect.  Otherwise, it can be quite challenging.  Check it out and prepare yourself of those respawns.  Also, as for buffs, keep in mind that you will probably be dispelled quite a bit since the drow scorpions love to spam dispell.  Don’t wast to many spell points on rebuffing accept for those cases where it will be extremely helpful, such as the lightning trap room.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Vulkoorim Spiral!!


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