Finishing Up Another Explorer Zone

One of the things I find interesting as I play my various characters through DDO is how some of my characters just breeze through some explorer zones while others struggle to collect those last set of kills, especially when it comes to finding rare encounters.  Earlier in March, Cannock (Level 8 Druid) was struggling with this situation with Waterworks.  Cannock had collected all of his actual slayer counts but still needed one last rare encounter.  In this particular instance, Cannock was having a very difficult time finding Gnarkill, the troll butcher.  Gnarkill can be difficult to find at times because he is only located in one spot and to get to him you have to activate a rune (intelligent).  This is a similar situation to the named rust monster, Crumble, who is also locked in a room by a rune (wisdom).

Cannock finally coming across Gnarkill and finishing up Waterworks slayers :).

However, Cannock did finally come across Gnarkill and has now completed this explorer area.  Now he gets to move forward in finishing up Tangleroot Gorge.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Waterworks!!


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