Legendary Dreadnaught is Now Maxed Out

Earlier in March, Erdrique (Level 27 Rogue/Grand Master of Flowers) completed and maxed out the Legendary Dreadnaught epic destiny.  I’m currently making my way through my first epic reincarnation and as a result I have decided to just move my way through the epic destiny tree. I found the abilities for Legendary Dreadnaught to be a nice mixture with those Erdrique has a rogue acrobat (primarily).  In particular I found Momentum Swing and Lay Waste a nice compliment to Sweeping Strikes.  I also found the ability of Lightning Mace to be a fun melee attack that I could rotate with Quick Strike, Sly Flourish, and Staff Lunge.  I was actually quite surprised at how all of these seemed to work and found myself constantly clicking on various attack abilities.  Needless to say, it was a great epic destiny for my play style and I was a little disappointed as I moved onto the next tree, Grand Master of Flowers.

Erdrique has maximized out Legendary Dreadnaught and has moved onto Grand Master of Flowers.

Erdrique now has all of the Primal Sphere epic destines completed (Shiradi Champion, Fury of the Wild, and Primal Avatar) and the first of the Martial Sphere.  The next one to complete is Grand Master of Flowers and Shadowdancer.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!



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