Searing Heights is Complete, Time for Sorrowdusk

Having the number of characters that I do, it becomes quite an accomplishment when I get a chance to get one leveled up, a quest chain completed, or an explorer area maxed out.  I especially find it gratifying when I finish up an explorer area with my characters.  I recently completed an explorer area with Suppply (Level 10 Paladin).  The explorer area he completed is Searing Heights.

Suppply has finished Searing Heights, now time for Sorrowdusk Isle.

The Searing Heights wilderness area is a level 6 area that can be quite challenging.  It is mostly populated with Blood Tide pirate (hobgoblins, kobolds, orcs, minotaurs) and Sulatar drow.  There are also some wolves, mephits, elementals, and hell hounds thrown in for some guild measure.  It also includes some interesting explorer points include one point that you can only get to by falling off the side of a mountain.  The area contains a total maximum slayer count of 750, 9 rare encounters, and 15 explorer points.  Overall, it is an interesting zone.

Now it is time to move onto Sorrowdusk Isle to take on the ogres and trolls.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Searing Heights!!


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