Thoughts on The General Manager

I have always thought that one of the more interesting encounters I have come across with my various characters in DDO is when they first meet up with the General Manager.  If you aren’t sure about who exactly the General Manager is, you will find him in the quest Bargain of Blood which is part of the Sentinels of Stormreach story arc and is located in the Searing Heights.  The General Manager is actually not one enemy but two enemies.  These two enemies are quite an unlikely pair with the General being a huge and powerful minotaur while the Manager is a wily kobold shaman.  When you come across them at the end of Bargain of Blood, the Manager is perched on top of the General.  As you battle them, you first defeat the General which results in the Manager falling down and then you battle the Manager to finish the quest.  Definitely an interesting sight.

So how did these guys ever meet?

But I always wondered how did these crazy creatures ever meet and how did they form such a close bond.  And on top of that, how did they ever get involved with Captain Tew and the Blood Tide Pirates?  Whenever I think of these two, I can’t help but think about the story of the lion and the mouse.  I see the kobold as being the mouse and the minotaur as lion.  Where the minotaur stumbles across the kobold during his foraging and initially wishes to make a meal out of him.  The wily kobold takes notice that the minotaur seems to be suffering from some type of ailment, that the minotaur seems to be expressing concern about as he prepares for his meal.  By offering to help the minotaur, the kobold successfully heals him and therefore saves his life and then becomes an influential and important friend to the minotaur.  It definitely seems like a plausible theory but is it the most likely?

Another possible, although rather more unlikely theory, is that Manager’s clan might have hired the General’s tribe as a source of protection.  Perhaps these two unusual comrades knew each other from a young age with this type of association and as a result they grew up and headed out into the world together.  The reverse could also be said, perhaps the General’s tribe captured or bullied the Manager’s clan into being their servants and then an unlikely friendship developed.  This friendship and commitment to each other could have been recognized by Captain Tew who then added both of them to the ranks.

So what is the deal with the Manager?

But looking at this connection more analytically, it could also be surmised that the Manager has literally charmed the General.  The Manager is a shaman after all.  It is not improbable for the Manager to know a number of dubious charming spells.  It could be that the General just thinks he likes the Manager, while in reality he is literally charmed to protect and to work as the Manager’s muscle.

Another plausible thought is that Captain Tew recruited both of these villains to be members of his crew.  As part of the Blood Tide pirates, these two somehow developed this strange and powerful bond that Captain Tew was quickly able to pick up on.  He probably noted that they could make a very formidable enemy if they were to work together and so he promoted that growth in hopes of taking advantage of the unique talents of both them.

In tandem, this unlikely pair is a strong and powerful enemy.  Be prepared for them when you hit the end fight of Bargain of Blood.  What do others thing?  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


Highlighting More Quest Runs April 4th to April 7th

The runs during the first full week of April started with a dual boxing session with Lorrikk (Level 14 Monk) and Stoorage (Level 16 Fighter) through Sorrowdusk Isle.  Stoorage already had that area maxed out and Lorrikk was only able to pick up three slayers before I ran into some computer issues and got booted out.  By the time I got everything up and running again, I had to head out to work.  I didn’t get on during the afternoon, but later that night I logged on with Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Draconic Incarnation).  I then took him into the Sschindylryn and made my way to the quest, The Portal Opens.  As I took Rimuldar through the dangerous drow city, he picked up another 9 slayers for the drow and another 4 slayers for the Children of Lolth.  Once inside the Portal Opens, on epic normal, Rimuldar had no major problems dealing with the drow.  He defeated at least one priestess of Lolth.  His loot included two commendations (War Wizard and Village of Eveningstar), a sapphire of spell agility +15, and the blade of the high priestess.  He also picked up 11 commendations of Valor as a quest reward.

Lorrikk taking some time to explore Sorrowdusk Isle.

Rimuldar battling his way through Sschindylrynn.

Rimuldar making his way through the Portal Opens.

To kick things off on Tuesday, I started out with another dual boxing session with a slayer run through Sorrowdusk Isle with Lorrikk and Stoorage once again.  Even though I had taken Lorrikk and Stoorage into Sorrowdusk Isle the day before, I did this because of my shortened play time that unexpectedly occurred.  This time, Lorrikk collected 52 slayers.  Lorrikk and Stoorage also defeated Teargon, Barxer, and Kurmer.  Out of one of these chests, Stoorage looted a nice pair of boots, Boots of Diversion 7 that were masterful craftsmanship with Speed IV at level 7.  I didn’t get a chance to complete an afternoon run.  For my regular play session, I had another dual boxing session with Containment (Level 8 Cleric) and Cannock (Level 8 Druid).  Containment needed to complete the Sharn Syndicate series on elite so I took them into the next quest he needed, Bookbinder Rescue.  I had a number of issues getting through this quest during this go around.  I failed the quest twice because of various lag spike issues.  I did complete it on the third attempt but Containment was killed so I had to complete it with Cannock (as my focus was on playing Containment that night).  After struggling through the Bookbinder Rescue, I then took them both into Repossession.  I had no problems making my way through the quest and I had completed the optional objectives to smash the furniture, kill the master of hounds, and to steal 3, 6, and all artifacts.  I then called it a night.

Lorrikk battling Barxer in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Containment working on rescuing the Book Binder family.

Containment battling in the quest Repossession.

On Wednesday, I had yet another dual boxing session to kick things off.  This time I took Cannock and Crawlller (Level 8 Ranger) into Three Barrel Cove.  The morning slayer run netted both Cannock and Crawlller with 25 slayers.  In the afternoon, I took Erdrique (who is now a Level 3 Rogue) into the Sands of Menechtarun.  It was kind of a disappointing run though.  He didn’t come across any rare encounters but did collect some more slayers including eight gnolls and 89 scorrow.  That was the last run I completed on Wednesday.

Crawlller swimming his way back to the ladder in Three Barrel Cove.

Erdrique making his presence felt in the Desert.

On Thursday, I was only able to get in a single play session.  It was another dual boxing session, this time with Berann (Level 8 Barbarian) and Containment.  Berann was my focus and he still needed to work on Tangleroot Gorge wilderness area.  During this morning slayer run, Berann collected 28 slayers and defeated Clamor.  He also looted a Minor Circlet of Blasting from Clamor’s chest.

Berann looting some interesting things in Tangleroot Gorge.

So this particular week was heavily loaded with dual boxing runs.  I also had some minor issues with my computer and some lag issues causing some frustrations.  But overall, it was a nice but light week.  I hope everybody is doing well and thank you for reading!!