Wondering About Another Spider, Shev’aal

There are a large number of named spiders in DDO.  A glance at the DDOWiki shows at least 100 different types of spiders documented in DDO, with a large number of them being uniquely named boss monsters.  Some of the more well known spiders in the game include Whisperdoom (even though she is also a magical beast), Redfang, Miasma, Blood-drinker, and Venom.  However, another boss spider caught my eye when I was taking Erdrique (now a Level 5 Bard)  through his rogue heroic past life and working through his first epic reincarnation.  That spider is Shev’aal.  Shev’aal is an Astral Harrower, a type of spider currently only located in the Forgotten Realms half of DDO.  Shev’aal is an orange named mini-boss in the quest, The Portal Opens, which is the capstone quest to the arc known as the City of Portals.

As I was taking Erdrique through the quest, back in the first half of the year, I wondered how this particular spider became a favorite for Hekta Szind, the end boss for The Portal Opens.  We really don’t know all that much for how Hekta Szind rose to her current position of high priestess to merciless goddes Lolth, but I’m going to go under the assumption that she brought Shev’aal with her when she rose up into the ranks.  Seeing a drow priestess of Lolth associated with a powerful spider isn’t unusual at all, but how did Hekta and Shev’aal get aligned together?

Erdrique coming across Shev’aal in The Portal Opens.

I’m going to assume that Hekta went on a personal mission to find a potential guardian or body guard and to do that she visited a nest of Astral Harrower spiders.  These spiders were probably located in some type of hallowed ground or sacred area.  Using some type of elimination process, she chose Shev’aal as her companion and protector to be.  Shev’aal probably showed some of those vicious qualities that the drow priestess favor.  Shev’aal very possibly was a larger spawn in the nest and I could easily see him (her?) tormenting and dominating the other younglings in the nest.  This power, greed, and determination was probably some of the attributes Hekta was looking for.

After selecting Shev’aal, I could then easily see Hekta giving the spider its name as well as enhancing its abilities with spells and powers granted from Lolth.  In this fashion, Shev’aal became a very powerful and dangerous protector and whom Hekta rewarded by feeding him a mix match of various slaves that the drow houses collected over time, therefore being given the title of “slave devourer.”

In any case, Shev’aal is a potent enemy and I can see him easily being able to put a large amount of fear into unwelcome, heroic adventurers.  What do others thing?  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

More Historical Runs, April 8th to April 10th

During the second weekend of April, my questing was dominated with runs by Erdrique.  I didn’t get a chance to do a morning slayer run or a mid-afternoon run on Friday.  However, on Friday night, I did take Erdrique into the High Road.  I was taking him to the quest, Lost in the Swamp.  While I was making my way through the High Road, I collected another 16 slayers.  I entered Lost in the Swamp on epic hard and made my way through the quest with little difficulty.  I collected eight mysterious remnants, defeated five wood woads, completed the optional objectives of freeing the spirits and destroying the evil presense, and for a quest reward I picked up 30 Commendations of Valor.  After I recalled and sold, I took Erdrique back into the The High Road to make my way to the next quest, A Stay at the Inn.  While he was in transit, he came across two random encounters: the druid brothers and helping the Orc wizard Dia.  I completed both of those and picked up a Commendation: Druid’s of the King Forest and Commendation: War Wizards.  I also looted a +4 Upgrade Tome of Skill (Hide +3 to +4).  The only slayers I picked up during this run were the two druid brothers.  Similar to Lost in the Swamp, I entered A Stay at the Inn on epic hard.  The only thing of note that I picked up was six mysterious remnants and another thirty Commendations of Valor as an end reward.

Erdrique making his way to the quest Lost in the Swamp.

Erdrique and his crew battling the native wildlife in Lost in the Swamp.

Enjoying the night life of the High Road.

Erd coming across a rare tome in the High Road.

Erdrique and his party fighting the mercenaries of the Netherese in A Stay at the Inn.

On Saturday, I continued with the High Road chain.  This time I was making my way to the quest, The End of the Road, when I picked up another 27 slayers which netted me the 100 slayer mark for the High Road.  I also completed the random encounters for defeating the druid brothers and to assist Arganon.  Once inside the quest, I completed the optional objective for defeating Greenstalker, picked up four mysterious remnants, and hit shadow exterminator IV in the monster manual (netting over 9,000 experience).  For the quest reward I picked up another 30 Commendations of Valor and for completing the Netherese Legacy story arc, I picked up the Nether Grasps.

Preparing to enter the End of the Road.

Well this doesn’t look entirely promising.

To close the weekend out, on Sunday I looked on with Stoorage and Lorrikk and took them through another dual boxing session.I first took them through a quick slayer run through Sorrowdusk Isle.  They collected 126 slayers and Lorrikk picked up the gargoyle exterminator I monster manual need for 442 experience.  I then had them start the Grey Moon Waning Story Arc and into the quest Freeing Achka.  As expected, I experienced no issues with this short quest and defeated the optional objective for slaying the winter wolf, Powder.

Lorrikk defeating Noozer in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Stoorage battling Powder in Freeing Achka.

That was the last run I was able to complete for the weekend.  So it wasn’t a bad weekend overall with Erdrique gaining some valuable Commendations of Valor and even coming across a rare tome.  I hope everybody else had a good set of runs that week as well.