Looking forward to 2017

Now that 2016 has come and gone, it is time to focus on 2017 and to start developing and working on my plans and goals that I would like to complete in DDO, within the DDO Community, and with Neverwinter Nights II.  My first goal in 2017 will be to complete Erdrique’s Bard life and to complete his second epic reincarnation.  After that Erdrique will begin his first caster life as a Wizard.  Following in his wake, I would like for my dual boxing character, Sttollen, to go through his first heroic and epic reincarnation.  For Hamllin, I would like to continue on his second life as a Fighter and to complete his first epic reincarnation.  For my other epic level characters (Wapoyei, Kolll, Garrrin, Larrs, Sludgge, and Rimuldar) I would like to get up to level 25 and higher.  For high level characters (Charlock, Stoorage, Tuhnn, Izmit, and Burlland) I would like to get them up to level 20.  For all of my other characters I would like to get up somewhere between levels 10 and 15 (Cannock, Crawlller, Containment, Breyy, Berann, Cantlin, Kanndar, Harrgon, Lorrikk, and Suppply).  We’ll see how this pans out, it will be a tall order to get all of these characters to that point.

I would also like to create or roll up a few more characters as well.  I still need to roll up a Warlock, a Deep Gnome, and a Morninglord.  I would like to do that this year at some point, probably over the summer.  I also would like to max out Erdrique’s Cannith Crafting levels this year so that I can start making some good twink equipment and weapons.  I also would like to start participating more in some raids.  We’ll see how this goes.  I have been forestalling on getting involved in the raiding scene for a number of reasons but I think it is time to start getting involved more into this ever changing scene of DDO.  I’m thinking of using my character Garrrin or Kolll as my “raider” for now.  This will probably be the most difficult aspect of the year for me.  Another game play goal for me is to put up more of my questing/explorer runs up in the LFM panel and/or to join more pick up group runs.  Although I tend to play a lot, they tend to be quick and short “bouts” and usually they are for runs that I happened to be over the level to gain bravery bonus or the maximum experience from the explorer zone.  This is primarily because I like to just follow up the list of quests in the Adventure Compendium during my game play, just to make sure I don’t miss out on any quests and to get as many monsters as I can in the monster manual.  However, even runs like these could be useful to some folks, so I want to start taking that into account.

For the Crypt Crawlers, I would like to start putting a higher level of commitment to recruiting folks.  Our player base has been pretty stagnant over the past year for various reasons and I didn’t do a very good job at promoting us.  I need to do better this year.  I hope I can and I hope we can a few more players into the guild.  Our guild is very laid back, and we have players that like to solo to those who like to form their own groups and to those who play a lot (like myself) to those who can only play on a limited schedule.  We are more for the community aspect of the game as opposed to the power gaming aspect.

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Erdrique working through his bard life enjoys stunning bugbears in Redwillow’s Ruins.

As for the DDO Community, I play to continue to blog as much as I can.  Like I said in my post yesterday, it has become readily apparent that I won’t be able to blog on a daily basis as I used to be able to.  My plan right now it focus my blogging on the weekend or during days off (which I was able to do yesterday and today).  I also plan on rotating blogging topics and to also to highlights of my questing runs over the week.  I like to do the highlights to show all players all the types of quests and explorer zones that DDO has to offer.  Who knows, maybe I can spark interest in some players  to delve back into out quests they haven’t tackled in awhile :).  Besides blogging, I also plan on downloading and listening to the various DDO podcasts (DDOCast, DDO Players News, DDO Cocktailhour, and Damsels of DDO as well as those others that might pop up) and to hopefully send these great podcast teams an email on a rotating basis, primarily to show my support and appreciation for their efforts.  Along this same thought, I would like to get more involved with those folks who maintain YouTube Channels and TwitchTV channels.  My initial thoughts are to view a video or two before I start my own playing on the weekends and to send any comments that I think would be worthwhile.  Another aspect to keep alive, is to stay up to date with other bloggers and the DDO forumites.  I know I won’t have enough time to stay up to date with everybody or every topic but  I would like to contribute at least once a week to these avenues, if not more, by reading blog and forum posts and contributing my own thoughts and/or encouragements.

Perhaps one of the biggest things I want to refocus on is my commitment to the Crypt Crawler Website and my newsletter.  I used to spend hours trying to keep the website up to date with various things from game news, to forum posts, to interesting blogs, to character and guild membership as well as the guild’s newsletter.  This will probably be the biggest hurdle for me.  What I would like to do is create a small schedule where I work on a topic each day but nothing that takes “hours.”  I’m still “mentally” working on this and play on writing out this proposed schedule later tonight.  I can easily see this changing but I feel it is a worthwhile attempt.  As for the guild newsletter, I think I need to scale this down a bit.  I used send out a weekly guild newsletter that was extremely detailed.  I would highlight what is coming on in the game and the community and then I would breakdown our guild runs, list my play schedule, welcome new members, highlight updates to the guild websites, and maintain a guild bank.  I’m thinking on scaling this back to a monthly letter with a lot of those things I breakdown being maintained on the guild website (quest runs, calendar, guild bank, etc).  This will be a lot of work to set up initially, but once done I think it will be much easier to maintain.

My last goal, in terms of gaming, is for Neverwinter Nights II.  I find Neverwinter Nights II to be a nice distraction to DDO.  Neverwinter Nights II plays a lot differently and has a much large set of classes and prestige classes to choose from as well as a different set of character skills and abilities.  Although Neverwinter Nights II is a multi player game, it is not an MMO.  But there are a few player worlds set up as well as player created modules that players can download and play.  One thing I would like to do this year is to finish playing the Original Campaign that was released with my Spirit Shaman and to join one of the player worlds.  However, I have been moving extremely slowly with this aspect.  I think I would need to devote some time on the weekends for this to happen, which means putting more of a balance between DDO and Neverwinter Nights II.

I think it will be a challenging year for me with all these goals.  Now couple that on top of the potential impacts to DDO itself with its development team splitting off and forming their own studio, Standing Stone Games, not only will it be challenging but also exciting and intriguing.  I  wonder how things will change as 2017 progresses, not only with my own set of goals but also with DDO itself.  I guess we will see.

Thank for reading everybody and happy new year and happy hunting!!


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