Completing a Few More Explorer Areas

This past weekend two of my characters completed two explorer areas, meaning that they discovered all of the explorer points, defeated all of the rare encounters, and maximized the slayer count for those areas.  My characters, Erdrique (Level 9 Bard) and Sttollen (Level 10 Rogue) knocked out  Tangleroot Gorge and Three Barrel Cove.  Tangleroot Gorge is a level 4 area (with full experience being awarded to characters between levels 2 and 7) and it contains 13 explorer areas, 9 rare encounters, and a maximum slayer count of 1,500.  The types of enemies you encounter include the ever persistent hobgoblins, wolves, worgs, spiders, scorpions, troglodytes, bugbears, ogres (including a named ogre mage), a named hill giant, and even a single rust monster.  With the rare encounters, I have typically found that locating Kornak, the ogre mage, and Gharjat, the hobgoblin commander, the hardest to find.

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Erdrique completes Tangleroot Gorge.

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Sttollen gets his turn to complete Tangleroot Gorge (it took him an extra run or so because Erdrique had used some slayer potions).

Three Barrel Cove is a level higher (level 5) with full experience being awarded to characters between levels 3 and 8.  The landscape of Three Barrel Cove is much larger than Tangleroot Gorge and some of this is reflected in the number of explorer points, increasing up to 20.  Three Barrel Cove also contains 14 rare encounters and also has a maximum slayer count of 1,500.  Three Barrel Cove is dominated by various types of pirates, it is after all a pirate haven.  These  pirates include minotaurs, orcs, hobgoblins, humans, dwarves, drow, halfings, bugbears, warforged, and kobolds.  These pirates also have pet dogs, worgs, and rats.  Their is also a number of natural dangers to worry about including scorpions, hyenas, sahuagin, a named scrag, spiders, mephits, a named earth elemental, and fire elementals.  Three barrel cove even has some unnatural enemies in the form of skeletons and zombie rats.  For the rare explorers, I have generally had the most difficulty coming across Ilmarin Tychonn, Dybesh Relix, Chortle, and Ithun Orenah.

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Erd and Sttollen finishing Three Barrel Cove together.

While I was making my way through Tangleroot Gorge, Erdrique was using a slayer potion so he reached the maximum slayer count before Stollen (I have been dual boxing these characters since I reincarnated Erdrique as a bard).  But I did complete the slayer area in another run or two with Sttollen.  For Three Barrel Cove, they both complete the area at the same time.

It is now time to start collecting and exploring in Searing Heights and then off into Sorrowdusk Isle.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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