Thinking About Tharmalos

There is no doubt that dragons hold a special place for all adventurers.  There isn’t much that is more dramatic and epic then coming face to face with deadly dragon.  One dragon that I have been wondering about for awhile now is Tharmalos.  Tharmalos is the end boss to the quest Don’t Drink the Water in Eveningstar.  When we first make our way into Eveningstar, one of the things we learn right away is that the drow are laying siege to the small village.  In this endeavor, the drow are employing a wide array of military tactics from raiding the smaller outlying homes and villages, sabotaging supplies, and even forming some dangerous alliances.  One of these alliances is with the powerful green dragon Tharmalos.

The drow have tasked Tharmalos to basically poison the water supply to the village.  To do this, Tharmalos has raised together a small army of Yuan-ti.  With this army, they have invaded and taken control of the under  ground tunnels that lead to the ground water supply to the Eveningstar Well.  None of the people of Eveningstar know about this situation, they only realize that the drinking water is now making people deathly ill.

Image may contain: bird

Tharmalos just waiting to have some fun.

I find this whole dynamic very interesting.  Primarily because it appears to me that Tharmalos has had this association with the yuan-ti for some time.  In fact, they continuously show they are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to implement his plan of poisoning the drinking water, if not even showing signs of worshiping him.  I find this interesting because when we first venture into the Underdark, we basically find out that the yuan-Ti and drow are bitter enemies, constantly fighting for control of the Underdark.  It makes me wonder why the drow would even attempt to form an alliance with such a powerful entity that also has control of an army of yuan-ti.  It also makes me wonder what are the underlying motives of Tharmalos.  There is no doubt that he knows the drow and yuan-ti are bitter enemies and he must be wondering about intentions of the drow.  The only real hint we get from him during the battle is that the drow have promised him form of riches.

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Battling Tharmalos in Don’t Drink the Water.

Since all the parties involved here are tremendously evil, nothing can be taken at face value.  I believe that Tharmalos is using this potential alliance to gain a foothold into taking control of Eveningstar, and perhaps even all of Cormyr, for himself.  I can easily see him using this alliance to manuever himself around into through the ranks of the drow until he can see a chance to overthrow them with his yuan-ti cohorts and perhaps other allies that we don’t know of yet.  Of course it also stands to reason that the drow are anticipating this and have counter measures of their own.

Oh you have to love how the minds of evil beings work…

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in Eveningstar!!


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