Berann, who is he?

Like many D&D players, I like to mess around and to think about my individual character’s background.  At one point, I had a biography for all of my characters but that little detail kind of fell off my radar.  So now, I want to go back and to write up some back ground and a biography for my characters that still need one.  The first one I wanted to take a look at is Berann.

Berann is a barbarian (currently level 10) and right now is training most of his enhancements through the Occult Slayer line.  He is also a half-orc.  One thing I wanted to do withe Berann was to have him specialize in the use of falchions.  I enjoy the look of the falchion and up until now I didn’t have a character that used them as their primary weapon.

Looking into some of the lore of half-orcs in Eberron, it appears they are fairly rare.  Although their appears to be some half-orcs of House Tharashk that have set up their own society in the Shadow Marches.  The Shadow Marches are a wild and untamed land.  It is primarily composed of swamps and is located in the lowlands west of the Byeshk Mountains.

Given this knowledge, I think I want develop a background for Berann that surrounds on him looking for a path to follow for his life.  He is basically on a personal quest to find his role in the world, not only in his half-orc lineage and society but in the world as a whole.  In order for him to do this, he needs to understand on how things work outside of The Shadow Marches and how other races view each other.

Berann comes from the wild swamp lands of The Shadow Marches.  The environment that he has grown up in and that which he has seen here in Stormreaach isn’t all that much different and in many ways it reminds him of home.  Berann favors the use of the falchion as his preferred weapon and is very capable of dealing anybody unlucky enough to feel his wrath a blow so powerful that it could split them in half.  Growing up in the wilds of the swamps, he has developed to become a very capable barbarian; relying on his brute strength, rage, and resistant to magical attacks.  He is on a personnel quest to learn more about the world and how his life fits in the grander scheme of life.  He currently feels confused on how he is perceived and how he should react, knowing that in many instances he should be able to shrug off prejudices but in other instances knowing that he should stick up for his racial background.  Perhaps he will discover where he fits in the world by adventuring in Stormreach, he surely hope so.    

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Berann, the falchion wielding barbarian.

I think that will work.  It leaves enough mystery about him for people to wonder exactly what he has already experienced and why he cares about how others perceive him.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Stormreach!!


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