A Quest of Impossible Demands

There are quite a number of epic level quests now, with that number first expanding when the Menace of the Underdark Expansion was released.  One of these earlier quests is called Impossible Demands.  Impossible Demands is a level 21 quest on epic normal.  The quest giver is Helena Falagon who is located in Eveningstar.  This quest is typically the first quest for the Darkening Story Arc, which also includes the Unquiet Graves, the Lost Thread, and the Battle for Eveningstar.  Impossible Demands is located at the Middler Farmhouse which is located a short distance into the King’s Forest, basically in a small fringe village on the outskirts of Eveningstar.

When you talk to Helena, she tells you of the various raids that have occurred on the outskirts of Eveningstar and how it appears that one family is currently being held hostage.  The family is being held up in their farmhouse in the King’s Forest by a small, but extremely powerful, contingent of drow forces.  It is hoped that we can rescue all of the hostages and to defeat the drow forces.

The Middler Farmhouse is just a short distance down the path from Eveningstar within the King’s Forest.  It is likely that you will encounter a few drow on your way but there is a shrine nearby if you need to use it.  From the outside, you can see that the farmhouse is at least two stories high and fairly large in size.  Once you enter the quest. the first thing you notice is the shrine just inside the doorway.  The next thing you notice is an injured purple dragon knight being interrogated and tortured by a drow priestess, Vicala Szind.  After the brief encounter, you are prompted to talk to the priestess where you learn that she is holding the family hostage and that she hasn’t killed them yet and that she is holding them to learn about the “Thread.”  After the set of conversations you then are forced to battle her.  As soon as you knock her health down to certain point, she sacrifices the purple dragon knight and regains all of her health and threatens you to leave before she comes back. She then leaves the room to patrol the rest of the house.

You are then prompted to talk to the purple dragon knight where you learn that Vicala has the ability to steal the life force of her prisoners and forces.  You also learn that their is a family of 10 in the house hold.  Before succumbing to the dark magic, the purple dragon knights also tells you that if you head back to the door that Vicala will let you go.  He also asks for you to give Vicala the justice she deserves.

The Middler Farmhouse is bigger in the inside than the outside dimensions would suggest.  The main living room has a few doors that split off in different directions that have stairs that lead to the second floor.  The upstairs rooms hold some hostages as well as some of the drow forces.  There are also a few traps in the halls upstairs, in the form of spell wards.  Vicala slowly makes her way around the upper levels and then back to the lower levels.  There are a few optional objectives that require the rescuing of hostages without Vicala noticing them.  To complete these objectives you have to slay the drow guarding them as well as timing their release with Vicala’s path.  If Vicala sees them during their escape, she will hunt them down and sacrifice them.  If you happen to do the quest on casual or normal, you can see Vicala on your map as she makes her rounds.  On hard and elite, you have to listen to the dungeon master cue’s to time her progress.  To set the prisoners free, you simply need to talk to them and order them to leave immediately.  One thing to keep in mind, the prisoner’s will head for the closest staircase to make their way out.  So make sure the path is clear before you set them free.  The most difficult prisoner’s to free are those in the northwest portion upstairs and those in the basement.

In one of the rooms, there will be an optional encounter with a red named drow warrior, Speiter Dun’Robar.  Being from House Dun’Robar, he is quite a heavily armed and efficient fighter.  There is also an invisible door in the northwest upstairs room that will lead you to a path to Vicala’s pet spider and another optional encounter, Akorstra.


Kolll taking on Vicala’s pet in Impossible Demand.

At any point, if Vicala see’s you, you can run back to the beginning of the quest, like the purple dragon knight mentioned, and Vicala will back off and let you go.  Sometimes this takes a little while for her non-combative AI to take effect, but it does eventually and she stalks away.  So keep this in mind if you need to retreat.  To make things as easy as possible it is best to wipe out all of the drow forces before you fight Vicala at the end.  That way she won’t be able to steal their life force.  If you are a stealthy character, this quest is very favorable to those types of techniques.

Overall, Impossibles Demands is a different type of quest.  To do it successfully, you need to employ some stealth, some heavy and quick combat, and some tactics.  It is a relatively short quest, with the longest portions of the quest requiring you to wait on Vicala to complete her rounds.  If you are looking for a different style quest, Impossible Demands suits that role and is a fun one to work your way through!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the King’s Forest.




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