An Invitation to a Party

I meant to write about the Anniversary Party last year when it first debuted but I simply just didn’t get the chance to.  Needless to say, I was happy to hear that the developers decided to bring the Anniversary Party back, with some slight updates.  The Anniversary Party is a challenge style quest that celebrates DDO’s birthday outside of the game and celebrates of founding of Stormreach within game.  It is located in House Phiarlan (like you would have a large celebrator bash anywhere else in Stormreach!!).  The quest itself takes place in a reformatted version of Partycrashers.

When you select what level you want to run the quest at, you immediately go to the ballroom where you find Scrag frantically trying to get your attention.  You learn from Scrag that a strange overlord has appeared that has rallied the kobolds of Stormreach to revolt against its citizens.  As a result, they have tried to “crash” the party and to cause mayhem.  Harbormaster Zin is currently guarding the way to the Chapterhouse where the kobolds are currently causing problems.  After talking to Scrag, and on your way to discuss things with Harbormaster Zin, you get the opportunity to explore the celebration hall.  In the hall you will find just about every notable NPC in the game.  You will note the dragons of Argonnesson sitting at a table in elf form (including Velah and the Truthful one, who is actually sitting at the table as a lich) discussing the prophecy, the various Coin Lords strutting about, and even some familiar adventurers.  You will also learn, when talking to some of the party goers, that some “developers” are lurking in some areas of the hall.

The various DDO developers and personalities (past and present) make various cameos in the quest, with many of them being fun enemies to battle against.  In fact defeating four of them are optional objectives for the quest: Severlin, Cordovan, Steelstar, and Vargouille.  Severlin is found in one of the upstairs rooms (the art gallery) and is a Purple Dragon Knight.  Cordovan is in the side room downstairs and is a cleric.  Steelstar is an artificer and is found in the library.  And last, Vargouille is found upstairs in the private rooms and is a vargouille (basically a bat with a human head).  The other developers that you battle are not optional objectives but still are fun to come across.


Erdrique battling Steelstar in the Annivesary Party.

After the fun encounters with the developers, you find out from Harbormaster Zin how this mysterious dark overlord has organized the kobolds and some others to create havoc for him and the party.  After agreeing to take a look, you get the chance to enter the Chapterhouse where the find the kobolds have taken over and have created various alcoves and mazes.  You also see that they have replaced all of the illsionary crystals with those of kobolds.  As you make your through the Chapterhouse, you will eventually make your way to the throne room where you find the overlord, to just realize that the dark overlord is no other than Jeets.  In fact you might haven noted how he was missing from the party.  In any case, Jeets tells you he is fascinated by Malicia and he has gone through this whole scheme just impress her.  Upon learning about this, you head back to the party, using the door from the throne room and convince Malicia to help you.  You then head back to Jeets, by talking to the same door again, Knockback, and then with Malicia’s help you enter warped mind of Jeets to free him once again from dark thoughts.

The primary reward from the quest is obtaining party favors that can then be traded for special items.  You also can pick up a number of collectibles as well as a few chests on your way.  The quest is quite fun and can be quite challenging.  I have found that some of characters just seem to have a tough time in there at level, where others seem to have no problem at all.  I hope that development teams continues to bring back the Anniversary Party, with slight updates, like they did this year.  In either case, I hope everybody got a chance to check it out.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Anniversary Party!!


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