The Enemies in Diplomatic Impunity

Awhile back, I wrote a blog about the quest Diplomatic Impunity.  In that original blog post (sorry about the pictures being blocked 😦 ), I wrote about the general characteristics of the quest and some of it’s unique characteristics: the ability to parlay with the wildmen, watching the invasion force make it’s landing, and the end fight.  This time I want to focus a little bit more on the various types of enemies you will encounter while you make your way through the jungles of the Skyfall Coast and to the ruins that Droaam is using as their initial staging area.

When you first set out in the quest, the first things you will most likely encounter will be the native creatures of the Skyfall Coast: scorpions, panthers, and wild men.  In many instances you can avoid the scorpions if you wish.  The scorpions are hidden in their underground burrows and will spring up to attack when you travel over and through them.  The clearings that mark these locations are generally pretty evident.  There does appear to be a named scorpion (Needleclaw), although I don’t think I have ever encountered him (I will have to check my monster manual on that one).  Avoiding the panthers and wild men is a much different story.  Unless you have a very good sneak ability or invisibility you will most likely have to combat some of these creatures.  There is a possible named panther (Bashevis) that you can defeat as well.  Both, the panthers and wild men tend to stay in their own groups, which makes fighting them challenging at times.  When you run across a pack of panthers, you can expect to be tripped a couple of times and when you run across a group of wild men, you can bet their will be a shaman among them creating a wealth of havoc for you.


Erdrique and his group taking on one of the scorpion nests in Diplomatic Impunity.

After you make contact with Ullevian and observer the Droaam forces making their landing is when you will have to start dealing with those particular forces.  The majority of the Droaam forces are clustered in groups spread throughout the rest of your pathway as you make your back to the ruins where Ilos Hrolk has made his lair.  Each skirmish tends to have two gnolls, one warpriest and warmage, a couple of half-orc archers (skirmishers), a couple of melee (including orc infantry soldiers and half-orc conscripts).  If you don’t take out the warpriests and warmages relatively quickly, things could get messy.

Ilos Hrolk, is a half-orc fighter and is quite a brute.  During your end fight with him, we will keep bringing in reinforcements to help him and the whole scene could get pretty hectic rather quickly.  Couple that with some miscellaneous traps to catch those parties who try to retreat and regroup, it does get interesting.

Overall, the enemies in here can be quite challenging.  Although the diversity isn’t large, their makeup allows for some interesting synergy between them and makes your attacks on them more disciplined.  If you haven’t explored Diplomatic Impunity, go check it out.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Skyfall Coast!!


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