Preliminary Thoughts on Night Revel Key Drops

Since the Night Revels has been open, I have been taking various characters through Delera’s Graveyard to obtain keys.  Since I like to switch up my character runs daily, I seemed to recognize that some characters picked up more keys than others. Of course this was just pearly based on my subjective observations.  Looking back at my notes, here is what I recorded:

Erdrique (Level 16 Bard) and Sttollen (Level 17 Rogue) (I run these two together)-they picked up 11 keys so far.

Wapoyei (Level 24 Cleric/Unyielding Sentinel)-Picked up 1 key

Izmit (Level 15, Shardar-Ki)-Picked up 6 Keys

Burrlland (Level 15 Purple Dragon Knight)-Picked up 5 keys

Breyy (Level 7 Artificer)-Picked up 2 Keys

Now one thing you can definitely see is that during this past week or so, my quest runs have been primarily with characters in the level 15 to 17 range.  Since Erdrique and Sttollen I tend to play much more often, it makes sense that they have gathered more keys than my other characters.  However, I was surprised to see how many keys Izmit picked up.  I don’t play Izmit that often, but his two spiked chain attacks are quite effective in the graveyard.


Izmit taking down some undead in the graveyard to get keys.

Now there are many different factors that can affect the drop rates for keys.  The number of monster spawns in the area, whether or not you are grouped in a party, if you are grouped in a party how big the the party is, how many monsters you or your party are killing, and the amount of time you spend running in the graveyard.  A better metric for this would have been to calculate a key per hour (or some other time amount to quantify effort) for each character and even taking into account your party size and monster kills.

Now for some of these runs I spent more time in the graveyard while others I spent more time in the Night Revel quests (since I just banked the keys I just switched them from character to another).  We still have another week with the Night Revels so I’ll be curious to see how many keys some of my other characters will pick up.  I’m my schedule holds true, I plan on running a few more lower level characters this week as well as some epic level characters along with Erdrique and Sttollen.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Night Revels!!



2 thoughts on “Preliminary Thoughts on Night Revel Key Drops

  1. Interesting because I rank my lvl 20 cleric and lvl 16 Sorc. Between them they picked up enough keys and choc for me to auction and make 7 million plat. Chain lightning seems to pay much better than turn undead. I stopped at the weekend as i had the stuff I wanted from last year and my focus will be on the ice games. I was getting 1 million per 10 keys for the first 60 although it is really only 700 k, then the prices seem to fall. Now I have a full bank and 2 character with plenty of plat to raid the auction. One thing that threw me was my sorc is 16 and was still scaring the undead on a frequent basis in the 16 – 20 version of the grave yard.


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